20 People Who Changed the Lives of Others by Simply Being Kind

2 years ago

People with golden hearts are all around us and internet users are uniting by sharing the good deeds they have witnessed. The heroes of these stories aren’t just helping, they are changing people’s lives and doing it with modesty. Sometimes the person in trouble doesn’t even know who to thank for the gratuitous act of help.

We at Bright Side applaud these people who are acting like guardian angels on Earth and who never turn the blind eye to those who are in need. Don’t miss the bonus at the end, sometimes good karma returns faster than people can imagine.

  • I had a new guy working for me once in retail. He fell asleep during his shifts. When I talked to him about it, it turned out he needed to get up every hour of the night to drive to another spot because he was homeless. I moved his schedule a bit and had him start parking in our private lot. Only took the kid a few weeks after that to get himself together and get a room. Some people just need a little help. LiquidMotion / Reddit
  • I’ve been incredibly sad all morning because I didn’t have the money in time for my landlord yesterday, like I’d promised him I would. I just got an email from him telling me he can’t make it by until Monday (even though he works a block from where I live!). He knows I’m good for it, even if it’s a little late, and he’s saving me face. Thanks! throwawaybiscuit / reddit

  • I saw an older woman in the grocery store counting to see if she could afford everything in her cart. Based on her body language, I could tell that the answer was no. So I took a 20 out, walked up to her, and said, “M’am, this fell out of your wallet.” I handed her the bill, and just walked away, so she wouldn’t be embarrassed. I did hear her say thank you. JosePrettyChili / reddit
  • Fresh out of college with a job where I am vastly underpaid, 40+ hours a week, no benefits... All my clothes from college are worn through and coming apart. My roommate’s mom shows up at our apartment and gives me a stack of clothes, all perfectly my size, says she got them for her husband and he didn’t want ’em. A month later I noticed, I’m 50 pounds lighter than her husband. She got those for me and was trying to spare my pride. Worlds_Best_Coffee / reddit
  • I’m a type 1 diabetic who had run out of insulin. I explained to my health clinic that I couldn’t afford the $300 vial. Later, I got a call saying that someone had donated some medical supplies to me. When one of the nurses handed me the gift, I broke down in sobs and cried on her shoulder. It was the most meaningful gift I have ever received and I owe my life to whoever donated it to me. ursa_major13 / reddit
  • I’m dyslexic and dysgraphic. I had a science teacher would call me into his classroom after each test and ask me every question I had gotten wrong in case I’d misread the question or couldn’t get the answer onto paper. If I could explain the answer to him he’d mark it right. He was the teacher that helped me out the most. keeok / reddit

  • Every now and then my friend (who I may have had feelings for) and I will get into little arguments and for some reason, he cannot control his temper. Today, for the first time out of those times a lady grabbed my armed, told my friend to leave me alone, and walked me to a police officer. This made me open my eyes and realize that I was super close to getting myself into the worst mistake of my life. LadylikeS / reddit
  • My friend from college was struggling to get the money to pay for his cat’s surgery. We did everything we could to raise the money, I even asked my father to put this little donation box out at his cafe. My friend doesn’t know it, but I added a lot of money to the box before handing it to him. I still remember how grateful he was when he saw that the money was more than enough. overstiches / reddit

  • Got separated from my family while being rescued during a flood. I panicked and started crying. A large family saw me and took care of me. They took me along to their relative’s house. And from there they dropped me at the place where my family had been taken after being rescued. On the other end of town by walking, rowing a boat through inundated areas, and then taking a bus. Tab*** / twitter
  • 14-year-old me didn’t follow my friends to the bathroom after a movie and ended up being harassed by a man in the lobby. A random guy mouthed, “Do you need help?” and then pretended to be my boyfriend, scaring off the creep, and potentially saving my life. Ever since then, I make sure I’m aware of my surroundings just in case someone needs help but can’t ask. aphrodite_whities / reddit
  • I was trying to get a taxi in Korea at 2 a.m. I managed to book a taxi, but I couldn’t find the driver when he got there. I sat down and resigned myself to having to camp at the rest stop for the night. Some random Korean man saw me crying and saying, “I don’t speak Korean well.” He grabbed the phone and got me to the taxi. His wife handed me candy, patted my arm, and told me I’d be okay. tadpole511 / reddit
  • I was in my art class and there was a girl who didn’t have many friends but was really sweet. Her birthday was coming up, so I decided to send her balloons. I realized that she didn’t know me very well, so I didn’t sign my name. It just so happened that the student store worker brought them in during our art class and I got to see her reaction. I never told her it was me, I was just happy that I got to see her feel special. Rbbbb30 / reddit
  • When I was 19, I was at the doctor after I’d just finished having bloodwork done, and 2 elderly ladies walked in. They commented on how slippery it was outside and asked if anyone could help them walk back to their car. They were told no, so I sat back down and waited. When the ladies came out I stood up and said that I had heard them ask for help and offered to walk them out. After they were both safely inside, I went to my own car where I proceeded to fall on my butt 5 times on the way there. KittyTheShark / reddit
  • I was dancing when a strange guy pulled me out of the crowd. I tried to scream for help but no one heard me. Suddenly, a woman showed up and started kissing me. I didn’t know her, but the guy left, and she lead me to the bathroom. She said that she didn’t know what else to do and hoped that the guy would think she was my girlfriend. I’m really grateful to that girl though. DesireenGreen / reddit

Bonus: Sometimes the energy from good deeds returns to you like a boomerang.

Olympic medalist Maria Andrejczyk auctioned her medal off to pay for surgery for an 8-month-old baby and got her medal back from the auction winner.

Have you ever witnessed a random act of kindness? Or perhaps you have done one?

Preview photo credit DesireenGreen / reddit


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