10+ Times People Accidentally Screwed Up, and It Was Dramatic

9 months ago

We all probably have stories of failure. Some of us are ready to share them with the whole world and others will never say a single word about those situations because they’re full of embarrassment. We think that people should always maintain a sense of humor when it comes to awkward fails.

Bright Side has found 11 people who once wished for the ground to just swallow them up. Today they think about those situations and smile.

11. “It’s been going for 4 hours and I need to present my master’s thesis in 7 minutes.”

10. Confusion is everywhere.

9. How to sentence yourself in one second:

8. Think about this lady’s words.

7. “I’ll never make a pie again.”

6. Because you don’t usually do silly things near boys you don’t like.

5. “It took me 2 days to figure out that the giant spider was actually tomato leaf.”

4. “Went to class today really thinking I had grabbed my computer off the kitchen counter.”

3. The fail of the year

2. When you’re really sorry:

1. “You can’t imagine how embarrassing this was.”

Have you ever gotten into an awkward situation?

Preview photo credit Drewphillips__ / Twitter


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