16 Exceptional Things You’ll Only See Once in a Lifetime

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Many of us have experienced something incredible, leaving us wanting to shout, “What are the chances of this happening right here, right now?” Most of the time we wish we could capture this moment on camera, but either don’t have access to one or we quickly forgot about it. But these one of a kind moments sometimes leave us feeling like we witnessed a supernatural power of some kind.

1. A butterfly mirrors the same butterfly in a pamphlet.

You should be careful while playing with nature.

2. A blind boy finds a lucky clover.

It’s really challenging to find a four-leaf clover. But what are the chances that a blind boy can find one while playing in the garden? There’s always a chance for a little luck, right?

3. A real dragonfly sits by a dragonfly tatoo.

Maybe it was flying by and thought it saw its friend on this woman’s foot so he thought he’d drop by and say hello! Why not? It’s always better to sunbathe with company.

4. A car that should have been hit by a tree came out unscathed.

We can only imagine this driver’s face when he saw this! Or perhaps it was his insurance company that loved it even more.

5. A camera catches the exact moment the balloon popped.

We wonder how many balloons he’d popped before the cameraman caught this amazing shot. Maybe there’s a pile of balloons by his side? Either way, this is pretty impressive.

6. A man climbing this frozen waterfall

Maybe this guy had been sitting there for a long time waiting for a chance to get out, when the entire waterfall froze into a huge icicle.

7. Caught some albino deer on film.

What’s more unusual than an albino deer? A family of them all in the same place caught by a curious nature lover!

8. These power lines caught an icicle.

Don’t be mislead by the perspective — the icicle is not as big as you might have thought. But the power lines did a great job of disarming this frozen menace!

9. These newspapers that were stacked in a weird way

Is this some sort of secret message or a sign to a foreign spy to start the operation? Or maybe it really is just a mere coincidence...

10. A carrot hugging another carrot

This big carrot grew up wrapped up by the little one. Vegetables need love too, right?

11. 3 people sent someone the same birthday card.

The people who sent these cards may not even know each other, but we have a feeling they’d probably be friends! Or at least realize they have the same taste in birthday cards!

12. Perfect make-up created by the sun

Most girls spend lots of time trying to draw perfect lines with their makeup, but this one was lucky enough to get them without any effort at all! No need to watch make-up tutorials, the sun will do the job for you!

13. 4 strangers wearing the same shirt

One evening, four strangers at a bus stop looked at each other and realized they were all wearing the same T-shirt. How odd is that? Maybe there was a good sale at one of the local shops nearby.

14. A natural way to count puppies.

This picture proves that nature knows best! It’s amazing how these puppies laid down in order, with one, two and three dots on their backs. This way, the owner will never forget which one is which.

15. When “Taylor” and “Swift” meet on the road.

What else could add to this coincedence? Maybe if both of the trucks’ drivers were listening to Swift’s hit song, Shake It Off at that very moment!

16. When your screensaver matches your sticker:

Imagine this guy noticing this sticker displayed in a shop and saying to himself, “This picture looks familiar to me...wait a minute, isn’t it the exact same image as the one in my phone?!” The owner of this phone should launch the production of his own stickers, right?

Please note: This article was updated in February 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit holysocks/reddit, mh00259/reddit


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Number 19. - The 2 cars DON'T have the same number plates! If you look carefully, one of them is B 217 PX and the other is B 218 PX ! LOL


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