This photographer showed people’s bedrooms from all over the world

8 months ago

In 2010, John Thackwray, a photographer from South Africa, started his amazing trip around the world in order to take pictures for his series "My Room Project." He set the camera on the ceilings of local residents’ bedrooms to document their lifestyle and cultural characteristics.

More than 1,000 people from 55 countries have participated in the project.

Bright Side would like you to take a look at the most vibrant and catchy photos.

La Paz, Bolivia

Dali, China

Kathmandu, Nepal

Tokyo, Japan

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Tehran, Iran

Novosibirsk, Russia

Istanbul, Turkey

New York, USA

Paris, France

Jambyl Region, Kazakhstan

Ban Sai Ngam, Thailand

Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe

Durban, South Africa

Shatila, Lebanon

Chihuahua, Mexicо

Berlin, Germany

Kingston, Jamaica

Based on materials from John Thackwray


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