What Gorgeous Women of the ’90s Looked Like Without Photoshop and Plastic Surgery

5 years ago

Nowadays, many people use Photoshop and other computer and phone apps to post pictures of “better versions” of ourselves on Instagram and other social media sites. In the past, plastic surgery was popular only among prominent stars like Michael Jackson, but today, it’s a regular thing for all celebs to do. But actresses and models at the end of the 20th century conquered the world using their natural beauty.

Bright Side invites you to have a look at photos proving that women from the ’90s were the most gorgeous in history!

Kim Basinger

Cindy Crawford

Sharon Stone

Charlize Theron

Sherilyn Fenn

Claudia Schiffer

Naomi Campbell

Stephanie Seymour

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Michelle Pfeiffer

Salma Hayek

Sophie Marceau

Monica Bellucci

Meg Ryan

Demi Moore

Cameron Diaz

Jennifer Aniston

Christy Turlington

Liv Tyler

Laetitia Casta

Angelina Jolie

Who do you think is the most beautiful woman of the ’90s? Give us your opinions in the comment section!


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