15+ Photos That Immortalized Moments We Don’t See Very Often

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Some moments can leave an everlasting imprint on our minds. Others are so unique that they must be preserved for the people we love, strangers on the internet, and even future generations. In this digital age, we have the gift of capturing and storing our best moments. That’s why many people are on the lookout for ways to immortalize and share some of their most memorable moments. So here are some individuals who have done just that.

Bright Side wants to show you the latest collection of the memories that people of the internet chose to cherish and immortalize.

1. The smile of someone’s first time in the ocean."

2. “Wallace walking at night”

3. “5 years later & I still crack up looking at this pic of my dog reacting to a new Halloween mask.”

4. “I held a sloth today. It was great. That is all.”

5. “Made a micro bagel sandwich.”

6. “My sisters were fighting over who would sit next to me my first time on a rollercoaster.”

7. “My dog looking at herself in a mirror.”

8. “Taken today in VA”

9. “Sometimes family beach pictures don’t go as planned.”

10. “A very strange cloud”

11. “Blue Heron I made from willow and dried flowers. Just sticks wrapped around sticks.”

12. “4yo went outside to play then came back with a new friend.”

13. “4-week-old sugar glider”

14. “Recently went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and caught this reflective image”

15. “This cloud looked like a shark last night.”

16. “My watch tan is insane.”

17. “So happy with how our engagement pictures turned out.”

Which photo made you smile, and which one amazed you?

Preview photo credit HKN47 / Reddit


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