15+ Men Who Wouldn’t Trade Their Beard for Anything Else

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There are many ways to style your beard: you can braid it, decorate it like a Christmas tree, stash food in it, or work as a Santa Claus. Some people can even get addicted to it. Otherwise, how could we explain why so many people all over the world are so fond of their beards? We found the photos of men who’ve grown a gorgeous beard and who won’t part with it no matter what.

“My wife wants me to shave, but look at what a beard does to a man.”

Snow makes a great beard accessory.

“Finally, some cold weather”

Before and after

Christmas beard

“Before my wife asked me to shave it, a decision she regretted immediately. On my way back to it...”

“How many of you have been offered money to shave your beard?”

“First time Santa”

Day 1 vs Day 115

“It keeps me warm.”

“Why did I wait 40 years to grow a beard?!”

“My loose braid”

3 months of growth

“This is a good beard day I’d say.”

“My progress”

“A little bit more growth, longest I’ve ever had it. I’m excited to see how much longer I can get it.”

“What’s better 1 or 2?”

Do you have a beard? How do you style it?

Preview photo credit FlashTheorie / Reddit


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