22 Sharp Illustrations That Prove the World Is Going Crazy

5 years ago

Illustration is not just a picture, it is a whole drawn story. And it gets even more interesting when this story is written about us. Nowadays life is full of technology, social networks, and trends that are sometimes difficult to understand. The world is going crazy and illustrators manage to capture it so that we can look at ourselves from the side.

Bright Side offers you a chance to take a look at the realities of the modern world, displayed in vivid illustrations.

Time goes by and people’s attitude toward many things changes.

The only stable thing is our disrespect for the planet.

We were taught to never give up...

Without thinking about the consequences.

We spend most of our life working ...

...and without proper rest.

For what? For spending crazy amounts of money in stores...

...while hunting for discounts.

We don’t just spend money, but also hours at the office.

Public opinion affects us...

...and we watch others more than we watch ourselves.

We try to follow beauty trends...

...and fashion standards.

As a result, we become trapped...

...and don’t pay attention to our inconveniences.

We try to seem more significant...

...and forget about our individuality.

We live in a world of networks and gadgets without noticing the reality around us.

Unfortunately, our children watch us and repeat this.

So we need to change the rules, to be a good example.

We should stop lying to ourselves and others...

...and start to enjoy everything we have in real life.

Which of these illustrations of modern life has impressed you the most? Do you think people need to change their lifestyle and priorities? We would like to know your opinion.

Illustrated by Leonid Khan for Bright Side


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I'm really happy yhat people's attitude towards tattoos changed. I love how they look and admire people who were brave enought to get them. Before they were the attribute of "the prisoners" in my country, but now time changes, And it's nice!


Actually every of the illustrations awakens feelings and everything is relatable, especially about public opinions. We pay attention to it way too much and as I result we can't be ourselves.


Agree with every illustration about mobile phones and social media's impact in general. We don't notice how much time we spend there and how meaningless it is.. Life passes, but we are busy with likes and reposts..


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