20+ Intense Images That’ll Leave You Speechless

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A photo can give us an opportunity to store remarkable emotions associated with the most important moments in our lives. It becomes especially intense when there is a powerful story behind those photos, which is exactly what happened to the individuals shown in this article. Thanks to them, we realized what the fear of heights, a meeting after a long separation, and deep compassion are like.

“I’m deathly afraid of heights... I went to the Skydeck at the Willis Tower (Sears Tower) and slowly inched my back to the edge, mustered up all the composure I could, and took a pic. I thought I nailed it until I saw the photo...”

“From utter loss to pure happiness.”

“My father, a 53-year-old who has never played video games before, just won Dark Souls 3 after 132 hours of pure determination. It truly was an epic bonding experience!”

A teen celebrates after being awarded a sash, a trophy, and a crown during a pageant for women with special needs.

“My wife loves giraffes, so when we first started dating, I took her to her first close up experience with one. This is still one of my favorite photos of her — it was pure bliss, followed by buckets of happy tears.”

Superheroes in real life. During a tragic event in Thailand, one of the rescuers takes a break.

“My Dad surprised my Mom for their 30th anniversary and had a bench dedicated to her at the park where they always walk together.”

Peter Schemeichel watching his son Casper save a penalty against Croatia in the World Cup.

A maiko (novice geisha) bowling in Kyoto, Japan, 1964

“Today I went with my sister to pick up her new puppy from a corgi farm in the middle of nowhere. We were immediately greeted by about 12 of these outside. This is what pure happiness looks like.”

“My mom has been in the ICU for 24 days. Today she got to go outside for the first time since being admitted. Pure happiness!”

The look of pure joy after scoring a goal

“Just 4 generations in one beautiful pic. My 97-year-old grandma, my mother, my brother, and my 2-month-old niece, who was named after the wonderful woman holding her.”

A father holds his 4-year-old son after they were reunited after being separated for 55 days

Strong emotions when your team is losing

A mother hugs her newborn boy after she gave birth to a stillborn daughter 3 years earlier

“My grandmother was released from rehab yesterday. This is her meeting Moose, her new Golden Retriever.”

“A year ago today, I moved to the other side of the world, without knowing a word of any foreign language. Today, I passed a German exam permitting me to study at a university in my first ever second language.”

Sir Patrick Stewart visits a young Star Trek fan with a life-threatening condition

The day Roxy was adopted and today

“Christmas day 1998 was the best day ever.”

The biggest dessert he’s seen in his life

“I’m on my honeymoon and the pilot let me sit in the cockpit at the gate...best day of my life.”

“4 months and 5 days — my boyfriend finished the Appalachian Trail!”

Please note: This article was updated in January 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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