20+ People Who Just Went on Vacation but Now Can’t Stop Talking About What Happened There

2 years ago

When we were in school, every year, we’d write an essay on how we spent our summers. But what if you aren’t in school anymore but still want to tell everyone what happened to you on vacation? You can use the Internet for that.

People from different countries went on vacations. Some of them were lucky enough to visit some cool places and spend time there. But others weren’t that lucky. Bright Side will show you the images of both groups. Maybe they will inspire you to tell us about your next vacation.

“My hotel used to be a prison. My room is 3 cells, kind of knocked through. It’s amazing!”

“We stayed in a hotel by the water.”

  • Made me look twice because my brain thought it was looking at a kitchen sink, not a bath. Looks amazing. © MACARLOS / Reddit

“I accidentally wore 2 different shoes when I went on vacation. I realized it too late and they were the only shoes I had with me for a week.”

“How’s this TV in my hotel?”

“My hotel has a resident Siberian forest cat named Lilibet.”

“My wife and I spent our 10-year anniversary in Mexico. We waited 10 years for a vacation this nice.”

“My girlfriend and I stayed in a treehouse in Vermont last week that was pretty dope.”

“Paid extra for a tower room at our hotel and were told we’d get a nice view of the river.”

“Was going through my vacation pictures when I found this gem.”

“I was on vacation to relax, not to suffer!”

“This cabin I stayed in on vacation in Idyllwild”

“We finally made it to Mexico and this is the view I saw as I walked to our room!”

“The best picture of my daughter and me at the beach”

“I was at a fancy resort for dinner with my family and excused myself to use the restroom, when suddenly...”

“We booked a sea view room. We got it.”

“Stayed in a resort in Bali and this was our toilet. Balinese food must be spicier than I thought!”

“We came to a Chinese town. My friend told me he had chosen the best hotel possible. I’m shocked!”

“This Japanese hotel had clothes of different sizes. Every guest even got a pair of socks with frogs.”

“Check out this cat we saw on vacation.”

“It’s a fancy hotel. I know it’s fancy because instead of a wardrobe, there’s a giant, under-lit, floor-to-ceiling birdcage with clothes hangers inside.”

“An albino turtle I saw on my vacation in Sri Lanka”

How did you spend your vacation? Did you stay at home, or did you go somewhere?

Preview photo credit ronsinblush / Reddit


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