An American Photographer Combines 2 Unrelated Photos, and the Result Is Creativity at Its Best

4 years ago

American photographer Stephen McMennamy creates amazingly interesting pictures. He takes 2 photos that have absolutely nothing in common, like photos of headphones and donuts, and combines them into one picture that looks totally harmonious. That's what makes his pictures so entertaining and intriguing to look at.

Bright Side has collected 17 of his most fascinating works and wants to share them with you.

1. Peach butt

2. It looks like the bridge can play music.

3. Now I know how pavement is made.

4. Would you like some banana boat?

5. I guess, waffles are going to win this round...

6. Red rose and rosé

7. Such a hair skirt can make you stand out in a crowd.

8. Who doesn't dream of a flower umbrella?

9. A plane just got a cool upgrade.

10. "Sweet" music

11. Where does he drive this giant lime?

12. When your kid really loves cereal:

13. Perfectly straight legs

14. What's the secret of this car?

15. One huge ice cream, please.

16. If you don't know how to grow a beard:

17. Where are these fingers going?

This artist takes inspiration from everything around him and inspires other people with his art. He matches 2 photos so perfectly that it blows our minds.

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