15+ Famous People Whose Comedy Game Had Us Rolling on the Floor

6 months ago

It’s time to forget about your worries and have a good laugh. The online community appreciates Ryan Reynolds’ comedic talents, but he is not the only celebrity who employs their social media presence to amuse their followers. In this article, we will discuss some of the funniest posts from various celebrities. They are so talented that they can turn even the most mundane topics into hilarious masterpieces.

Heidi Klum, the supermodel, fearlessly shared her old photographs on social media, accompanied by a humorous remark.

Macaulay Culkin’s viewpoint on potential sequels to Home Alone.

And thank you...

Chris Evans shared a problem familiar to all of us.

A humorous online conversation between Chris Evans and Jamie Lee Curtis occurred because of fabricated news.

In January of last year, media outlets reported that Chris Evans would return to play the role of Captain America. This announcement surprised not only MCU fans but also Evans himself (as he stated on Twitter). Jamie Lee Curtis, who portrayed his character’s mother in Knives Out, offered him her support.

The lead actress from The Parent Trap couldn’t resist responding to a tweet about her, adding to the humor by quoting her character from the film.

Emilia Clarke, famous for her role in Game of Thrones, enjoys adding amusing captions to her photos.

The unforgettable moment when Courteney Cox recreated her iconic turkey dance from Friends

On Thanksgiving Day, Courteney Cox, best known for playing Monica on Friends, recreated her famous turkey dance, complete with sunglasses. It was just as comical as the original performance seen on the show.

Her recent post shows the actress running onto the Hollywood Walk of Fame after several people stepped on her star to clean it. She also made several stops to clean the stars of her best friends Laura Dern and Jennifer Aniston and her “Friends” co-star Reese Witherspoon.

Chris Pratt shared with his fans that humor is a trait that runs in his family.

Actress Isla Fisher, spouse of Sacha Baron Cohen, possesses a delightful sense of humor.

Helen Mirren also possesses the ability to brighten the day of her social media followers.

Here is the dress in question.

Singer Shawn Mendes reveals what can be concealed behind aesthetically pleasing Instagram posts.

The vocalist shared a photo of himself with the cityscape of Los Angeles in the background, accompanied by a video of his unfortunate tumble. The song he chose for the video, “Gravity” by John Mayer, aptly complemented the scene.

Julianne Moore is still exploring methods to address criticisms of her appearance. This latest approach may do the trick.

Actress Sarah Paulson launched an Instagram poll to gauge her followers’ opinions, but changed her mind soon after.

Comedian Melissa McCarthy has a talent for eliciting laughter from her social media fans.

Rebel Wilson, a fellow actress, also possesses this talent.

We admire James Blunt, who employs irony to address his declining popularity.

Here is a little bit more...

We always knew Robert Downey Jr. is a sweet bunny.


Lastly, we cannot conclude this article without a mention of Ryan Reynolds.

Reynolds was recently awarded the Lifetime Artistic Achievement Award by the governor-general of Canada, but that wasn’t the end of it. A song titled “Canada Loves You Back” was created to express the country’s adoration for the actor. Reynolds’ humorous personality was reflected in his social media post about the song:

We have a lot of pleasure when we find posts with jokes by our favorite celebrities. It involuntarily makes us love them even more and realize that they are just as friendly and funny as you or we are.


When I saw Shawn Mendes, I screamed, he's my all-time favorite Canadian singer, I hope he gets back together with Camila Cabello again because they were so adorable together, I want to meet him someday because I've been supporting him since his very first song Stitches in 2016

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