19 Jewels From People’s Photo Stashes That It Would Be a Crime to Not Share

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Every one of us probably has a life story that we love telling other people. But sometimes, we might wish we could not only tell but show people how it all happened. And there are some lucky folks who managed to have their camera in the right place at the right time. Now they can both tell a cool story to others and show off a nice shot to double the emotional impact.

Here at Bright Side, we are real fans of everything that makes people burst with emotions. Today, we found 19 cool shots from people who were lucky enough to capture all of life’s surprises on their phones. We’d love for you to take a look at them together with us.

1. “There are some terrifying products out there. Nana wasn’t too happy about this one.”

2. “My niece is flabbergasted by the dog’s ability to shake.”

3. “Baby cousin wasn’t too pleased with her ’baby’ pictures.”

4. “Went to visit my grandparents and found they framed a selfie I took.”

5. “Baby girl born at 25 weeks. Feeling grateful, happy, scared, overwhelmed.”

6. “I went to the dentist for tooth pain, I got my x-rays taken and the dental assistant said my wisdom teeth were ’like something out of a textbook.’”

7. “Went to open my fridge. Definitely thought my hand was connected properly.”

8. “Me just realizing just how screwed I am after I had a beautiful baby girl.”

9. “This is my autistic child and he, just this moment, discovered music.”

10. “When I told my nana I’m pregnant.”

11. “My dad wasn’t thinking about sunscreen when he ran the Color Me Rad 5k run.”

12. “He didn’t choose the knitting game, the knitting game chose him.”

13. “Granny turns 79, says she can still rule the world!”

14. “I’m 6’7” and went to visit my short in-laws today."

15. “He looked right up at me within minutes after being born.”

16. “Titan is a gentle beast in training to be a service dog. They are best friends, clearly.”

17. “I met Jack Black tonight. He looked into my eyes and said, ’It’s like looking in a young mirror.’”

18. “This is what I saw when I closed my son’s bedroom door.”

19. “Brotherly love even while asleep.”

What is the photo from your album that speaks better than words? What is the cool story that is connected with your favorite photo?

Preview photo credit jimboslice3 / Imgur


OML for the child's door pic I though he was stuck there, luckily it is just his clothes and shoes but that scared me NGL

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