20 Situations That Prove Some People Should Be Kept Away From the Kitchen

3 years ago

There are some people who are proud of their culinary achievements, and there are others who aren’t shy about showing their failures. We like the latter even more. After all, sincerity and the ability to laugh at oneself is almost as impressive as the ability to cook a delicious, beautiful cake.

Bright Side was looking at the culinary “masterpieces” of the people from our article with great interest and decided that it’d probably be better for them to stay as far away from the kitchen as possible.

1. “A birthday cake for my husband — he’s so lucky to have me.”

2. “I ordered a salad for $15 from a local restaurant.”

3. Only 2 ingredients

4. “Yes, I made bread.”

5. “Look! My macarons!”

6. “This is what an ’exotic salad’ looks like in a store near me.”

7. “This dish cost me $10. I’m never going there again.”

8. “I decided to make a Lego cake. There’s still work to be done but at least it’s recognizable, right?”

9. Toast that’s scary to eat

10. “You might like the pie I baked...”

11. “Here’s another one.”

12. “My first attempt at making lemon tea”

13. Do you want the recipe?

14. Michelin-star cheese plate

15. “My boss eats this depressing lunch every single day.”

16. “I made a cake like in the picture.”

17. “I made a cheesecake for the first time!”

18. “This pizza makes me sad.”

19. “I made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.”

20. “A chocolate cake that I accidentally put a teaspoon of flour into instead of a cup.”

Do culinary failures ever happen to you? Tell us about one of them.


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the peanut butter jelly sandwich is my favorite dessert...and this photo
just WHY??? ?


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