17 People Who Are the True Minions of Lady Luck

2 years ago

Sometimes, we get lucky at the most unexpected moments. Some win the lottery, while others come across a pearl in a mussel. And in some cases, it seems fate itself saves people from tragic events. Even if you just got 2 candies in 1 wrapper, it’s still a good reason to thank Lady Luck.

At Bright Side, we think that Lady Luck makes her own decisions about who to smile at. And if she does that, we should thank her with all our heart. This is exactly what the people from our article did.

“Just a snake crawling out of my wife’s car at customs during a random check.”

“I found a stack of 10 uncirculated Australian $1 notes. These were discontinued in 1984.”

“My bachelor’s degree is signed by Arnold Schwarzenegger.”

“My one huge banana was essentially 2 in 1.”

“My Capri Sun came with 2.5 straws.”

“This mushroom I found 5 years ago.”

“I won every prize on the ticket.”

“I ordered 1 chopper, they sent us 12.”

“I asked the movie theater if I could have the leftover popcorn and they gave me this massive bag filled with popcorn.”

“I found a rock with gold in it.”

“My friend thought they lost their wallet and found it magnetized to the car.”

“I had mussels for dinner. This is what I found by almost breaking my tooth. It’s a real pearl!”

“I found this 1829 silver half-dime in the woods.”

“I found a huge four-leaf clover.”

“I got to hold about $10,000 worth of platinum today. It’s heavier than it looks.”

“I got 2 Zingers in my single wrapper.”

“I managed to take this once-in-a-lifetime shot.”

What were you lucky with lately? Tell us in the comments below.

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