18 People Who Are So Good With Animals, the How-to-Train-a-Dragon Guy Would Envy Them

4 years ago

The domestication of wild animals has long been a matter of discussion. Many people think that wild animals can be tamed by being kept in captivity, while others think that this practice is fruitless. The scale usually tilts toward the latter theory, since wild animals have natural instincts that don’t include being controlled by humans. But, this doesn’t mean that they can’t be tamed to the point where they act friendly toward humans.

Bright Side collected 18 images that prove humans can come closer and become friends with wild animals if they just respect their space and follow their lead.

1. Everyone needs a hug.

2. The insect gathering

3. Better than any celebrity selfie

4. He’s just a giant cat with a tender soul.

5. Meeting up with a good friend

6. There’s no reason to be afraid of someone who’s only looking for love.

7. A kiss that you’ll cherish forever

8. Meet Tippi, the girl who grew up with wild animals and tribes.

9. She knows how to make friends, even with the wildest animals.

10. Meet Allan Dixon, a cool animal whisperer

11. Luke is known as the wild buffalo whisperer.

12. A man and his 3 foxes

13. Everyone needs some time to relax.

14. Animals don’t need to see us as their enemies.

15. Ashley and her favorite reptile

16. Nobody is ever too hostile.

17. A reluctant first touch

18. Dr. Jane Goodall and her chimpanzee

What do you think of human interaction with wild and dangerous animals? Please express your views down in the comment section.


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