15 Epic Fails That Deserve the Warmest Hugs From Us

2 years ago

Everyone loves hugs. We find comfort in them, and they make us feel safe, happy, and loved. We embrace our closest and dearest when we are at our highest and lowest. When it comes to holding someone in our hands, the more, the merrier. According to family therapist Virginia Sati, every day we need 4 hugs to survive, 8 for maintenance, and 12 for growth. However, the people in this article are in dire need of a mega hug ASAP.

The Bright Side team went on a quest to find who needs a warm hug the most and maybe a comforting kiss on the forehead as well.

1. “My friend should probably invest in sunscreen.”

2. “One of my mozzarella sticks tonight”

3. “Just a little bit more.”

4. “My fiancée wanted to be nice and make some ribs. Turns out Pyrex can shatter.”

5. “I ordered a plain burger with cheese. I got a plain burger. With cheese.”

6. “The weather was nice outside yesterday.”

7. “My graduation photo”

8. “2 pizzas I bought to bake in my hotel that has no oven.”

9. “Late night flight canceled. The airline was unable to put us in a hotel.”

10. “My pillow in my €120 a night hotel”

11. “My hot oil burn from earlier today.”

12. “Sun through the skylight is a direct hit to the record player.”

13. “I guess they won’t be driving anywhere anytime soon.”

14. “My sister got me a new book for my birthday.”

15. “I was looking forward to moving to the empty window seat.”

Who would you hug if you could only give one hug to one of the “victims”? Please tell us about the time when you needed a hug more than anything else in the world!

Preview photo credit natezim/reddit


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