23 Oddly Satisfying Pics That Will Pamper the Little Perfectionist Inside You

2 years ago

Shapes that perfectly line up, smooth and flawless surfaces, or colors that blend impeccably like a dream — these are some examples of images that give our brains pleasure and satisfaction. And in case you’re wondering why, one physicist explained that “symmetry represents order, and we crave order in this strange universe we find ourselves in.”

Bright Side found several examples of these photos, which are so pleasing to the eyes they’ll make your inner perfectionist do a slow clap.

1. “The way my smoothie blended.”

2. “Archived the perfect self-retaining cable wrap.”

3. The symmetry in this bologna sandwich.

4. This art made with stones by the beach.

5. “My brother made a perfect pancake today.”

6. “This package in my Post Office box...”

7. “There’s something so oddly satisfying about seeing a spiral granny square come together.”

8. “Just a fresh, new, jar of smooth lip balm.”

9. Raindrops on a sunroof.

10. This perfectly 2-toned chili.

11. “This gift I wrapped.”

12. “Moving is a grind, but this is my favorite type of pride.”

13. “Opened a new box of tea this morning.”

14. “My yogurt was never turned upside down.”

15. “My curved TV in the corner of my bedroom.”

16. “The color gradient that my leek left is oddly satisfying.”

17. “This gorgeous paper wrapped perfectly. My grandmother is totally smiling from heaven right now.”

18. The perfect glaze on this donut.

19. “A jet engine part purchased off the internet fits our IKEA table perfectly.”

20. “Restaurant’s takeout containers fit perfectly inside the bag. They have no idea how much this delights me.”

21. “Farm fresh eggs organized by color.”

22. “Fresh strawberry gummies! Made today in my pastry school.”

23. “I pulled this plant from its square pot.”

Do you enjoy looking at symmetrical and flawless images as well? Do you have photos that you think will be a perfect fit in this collection? Share them with us in the comments.


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