10 People Share Stories From Their Jobs That We Probably Aren’t Supposed to Know

3 years ago

To err is human and to be able to hide that error is a skill that is divine. While not everyone has it, some lucky people who had their “oh crap” moment at work were able to successfully fool others and get through the day without getting a scratch.

Bright Side has picked 10 of these interesting stories for our readers to start their day with while having a cup of coffee.

When I was a trainee at a salon, a boy came by with his mother. She was a fancy regular. The kid sat in my friend’s chair and kept complaining and moving. She told him very clearly to stop moving as she had just sharpened her scissors. Regardless, he moved and she cut the top of his ear. His mother stormed over and said, “That’ll teach you for not listening!” and dragged him out of the salon without a word to anyone else. © Panda_Beard92 / Reddit

I was doing a C-Section for a mom who had been in labor for hours. So, we applied some pressure at the top of the uterus, and whoosh, it came out like a torpedo and slid off the table. Thankfully, it was caught by the midwife. The parents thought this was a regular practice and didn’t pay attention to it. © Bustamove2 / Reddit

I recently had to go to court and I was nervous. Focused on the judge, I always answered “yes your honor, no your honor.” My lawyer asked me a question and I look him dead in the eyes and say “yes your honor.” I go silent for a second and then say, “sorry I meant yes ma’am... sir” and just sat back down. © wetlikeenvy / Reddit

While in port, our engineers discovered a few small holes in our ship. To fix it all up, we decided to depart a day later. We gave no reason to the passengers for why and on the same day, an elderly passenger passed away. Everyone on board was convinced that it was a murder and believed that the entire crew had covered it up. © Basha-TheSailor / Reddit

When I was a rookie cop, I was driving to a check on a report when I realized I had not tested my speaker. I decided to check it by tapping the mic several times. That moment, I hear, “What are you doing?!” I look out my passenger window and see this old dude sitting on his porch in his underwear, looking pissed. Embarrassed, I quietly left. © SpartacusVII / Reddit

I had been tattooing for about 12 hours when another client showed up. She wanted the word “thirteen.” I accidentally spelled “thirirt” and I stop in horror. I tell the girl and she agrees to let me cover it with flowers © Iwanttobelieve691 / Reddit

One time I was flying my plane with my mom. Everything was fine and my mom was sleeping in the back seat. As we were descending, the plane started shaking like crazy and I was scared the engine will come loose. Luckily, there was an airport less than 5 miles away and I was able to land. It is at this point that I hear my mom remark, “Oh, we’re here.” Turns out she had slept through the whole thing. © jfrye01 / Reddit

I dropped a slab of steel on my toes (that weighed a couple hundred pounds) during my probationary period, but since I was wearing my steel toes (PSA: wear your PPE) and no one else was around, I got away with a slightly bruised foot after I wiggled out. © Bryce_Trex / Reddit

I had this little hiding place in the warehouse at a store I used to work at. I would occasionally go in there for 10 minutes at a time to relax since no one knew about it. One day I fell asleep in there. I came out and my boss was like, “Where were you?” I just said I had to carry out a trampoline for someone and it took super long. It worked somehow, lol. © NumHalls / Reddit

I used to intern at a small bank. The set up was 4 desks lined up next to each other with small walls separating them. My desk was all the way at the end next to the wall. One day, I was bored and flicking a paperclip into the wall like a ball. Well, one time I flicked it a little too hard and it hit a customer right in the head. Thankfully, the customer didn’t notice. © mvjinn / Reddit

Have you ever had an “oh shoot” moment at work?

Preview photo credit Panda_Beard92 / Reddit, freepik.com


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