20 People Who Accidentally Found the Answers to Many “What If” Questions

3 years ago

All of us have likely tried to conduct an experiment, wondering “what happens if...” in our childhood at least once. And some of us still have this wonderful curiosity of a 5-year-old. Some just manage to notice unusual things, like a snail with 2 shells or a unicorn goat. Then there are those who test their ideas themselves by painting pasta in different colors or keeping a balloon inflated for 3 years.

At Bright Side, we also love to conduct different experiments but, as our article shows, many of these interesting events are totally accidental.

30 minutes of exposure to −4°F weather with no wind

“I dropped my earbud at the beach and it pulled some iron out of the sand.”

“The surface of this wooden spoon I left soaking for too long”

“I colored this spaghetti with vegetables!”

“Left to right: blue pea flower tea, beetroot, turmeric, blue pea flower tea + lemon, and red cabbage + turmeric”

“A plastic water bottle got pressed into this sheet of wood.”

“The pattern of bite marks on my dog’s frisbee after thousands of fetches”

“This snail has a broken shell, and a new shell is growing inside.”

“My planter froze overnight and broke into symmetrical rings.”

“My dad’s 7-year-old chicken just went into menopause and this is her last egg.”

“The way this palm tree grew under my awning”

“I found a unicorn at the zoo.”

This pencil sharpener doesn’t remove the very center of the lead.

“The way this hammer has changed through the years and different weather conditions”

“Static from using a lint roller on my fuzzy blanket”

“My grandma’s over 60-year-old wooden spoon that she still uses all the time”

“The way electricity travels through wood”

If you leave mushroom spores unattended for a long time, this can happen.

“This balloon is 3 years old, and it still contains air.”

“If you shine a laser through a Canadian banknote’s maple leaf, you will see the note’s denomination appear on the wall.”

“Green tea that was brewed with hot spring water turns purple.”

When was the last time you satisfied your curiosity with the help of a small experiment? Describe this event in the comments below.

Preview photo credit Aires_Rogue / Reddit


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