12 People Who Could’ve Never Imagined What Was Coming Next

3 months ago

Predicting how our day will unfold and how we’ll react is impossible. We could be going about our usual routine, doing something mundane, when suddenly, unexpected events can completely change our lives. In this collection, people share memories of remarkable or downright bizarre moments that have left a lasting impression on them.

  • My ex-wife had a grandfather that was a multi-millionaire. Christmastime at their house was like being in another world. All of the different family members would try to get a moment with him and suck up to him as much as possible, except for me. I spent my time down on the ground playing with my kids and was happy to get out of there.
    One day, I got a phone call from Grandpa. He called me to know what he could do for my family and if we needed any money. I told him I didn’t want any of his money, all I want is for my kids to know their great-grandfather well.
    Later that year, he showed up at our place unexpected and spent most of the afternoon telling stories with me about his youth. He set up a trust fund for each one of my kids to have their college paid for a little bit after that. He told me out of all of his in-laws, I was the only one that never asked him for anything but to be himself. © pbjking / Reddit
  • I was walking into a store to buy batteries. As I walked in, a homeless slunk in behind me. We both walked to the right, and he turned into the snack aisle. The batteries were perpendicular to the snacks.
    All of a sudden, I heard multiple footsteps behind me jogging to where this homeless man was. I turned around and saw the homeless man now shirtless, ripping bags of peanuts and throwing them in the air, with two store employees trying to subdue him. As they finally struggled to pin him down, he began to yell, “I REGRET NOTHING,” repeatedly yelling it as he was dragged out of the store... © LookSuspicious / Reddit
  • I worked at a movie theater in a not-so-nice part of town. After work, I was in my car, on the phone with my girlfriend. The bus stop was just across the street, and I was facing it. About 10 people were waiting for the bus.
    Suddenly, this guy in a Camaro comes rolling up and throws a bunch of one-dollar bills (couldn’t have been more than 20) out his window at the people. It was absolute pandemonium for a solid 5 minutes. © Unknown author / Reddit
  • One day, I am pumping gas at a gas station. The only other person in sight is another woman pumping gas close by. It is a boring, uneventful scene. It is so boring that I want you to imagine elevator music playing.
    Suddenly, the woman lets out a horror film scream. Startled, I look over, and she is still pumping gas, acting like nothing happened (cue elevator music). This happens about 3 or 4 more times. © parlais / Reddit
  • I was stopped at a red light across from a gas station when a guy, who looked somewhat well-groomed and well-dressed, stopped walking and knelt down to the ground to inspect something. Then he got his ID out of his wallet, scraped something off the ground, scooped it into his mouth, and carried on walking. © thebends888 / Reddit
  • My friend brought his buddy over one day. We were eating pizza topped with banana peppers, and I guess this guy decides it’s too hot, so he gets up, goes to the fridge, cracks open a brand-new jug of milk, and just starts drinking it right out of the jug. I mean seriously, who does that at another person’s house? © _Badlands_/ Reddit
  • I was giving a friend from out of town the grand tour of my hometown. It’s a fairly small town, so there’s not a whole lot to see. We were driving by the hotel when suddenly a man in a nightgown and makeup ran barefoot and screaming out of the hotel room and down the sidewalk. © Unknown author / Reddit
  • I was once at the mall with my friend, just walking to get a few things for an event that night. The mall is this huge outdoor mall, complete with koi ponds and waterfall features.
    So we’re walking and making small talk, and then we see these four boys, absolutely drenched head to toe, jog past us. We were curious, so we followed their footprints... Which came from the waterfall that leads into the koi pond. © squasch / Reddit
  • My dad is a realtor, and he invited a potential buyer who was a long-time friend to our house for dinner. My mom is an amazing cook and was working for hours to make a great meal, to ensure that the deal would be successful. As dinner was winding down, my mom began serving everyone coffee. When our guest ran out of coffee, instead of asking for more, he simply tapped his spoon against the coffee mug until my mom took it away.
    He was never invited back. © Mac30123456 / Reddit
  • We went to see one of the Austin Powers movies in a theater. As we waited for the show to begin, a couple of little people began doing a dance in the aisle. Tap dance moves, jazz hands, etc.
    After a bit, they stopped and just sat down to watch the show. It was hilarious. I will never forget it. © PinkFlannelle / Reddit
  • While taking my first job interview on the balcony of the restaurant I was applying at, there was this couple breaking up behind my job interviewer across the street. I couldn’t hear them, but I could make out gestures, and their actions surely indicated a breakup. It was unbelievably hilarious, yet I had to keep a straight face the entire time. I got the job after all and laughed uncontrollably for the first 5 minutes after my soon-to-be boss left. © mcawkward / Reddit
  • When I was seventeen, I had a curfew that I was not happy with, so on many occasions, I would sneak out of my house to stay out after I “returned home.” One night, I snuck out of my house, walked down the street a bit to be picked up by a friend, and saw my neighbor doing the strangest thing. This neighbor looks like a pudgy, crazy version of Einstein.
    He’s in his underwear, on his front lawn—at 1 am, mind you—and is pouring liquid out of a bucket onto his lawn. The liquid looked brown and opaque. © Unknown author / Reddit

Strangers have a unique ability to leave a lasting impression on us through unforgettable words or actions. In this article, people shared instances where a complete stranger did or said something so memorable that it remained etched in their minds forever.


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