17 People Who Randomly Clicked Their Camera and Exclaimed, “What Cuteness!”

2 years ago

In the whirlwind of everyday life, we often have no time to see the beauty around us. We keep rushing, running, and prefer to not get distracted. But adorable things are waiting for us around every corner — all we need to do is slow down and take a look. The characters of our compilation weren’t lazy and grabbed their cameras to capture touching moments connected with their relatives, pets, or accidental passers-by.

We at Bright Side can’t live a single day without a dose of cuteness, which is why we’ve compiled a bunch of shots that melted our hearts. We hope they’ll touch yours too.

“I was on my way home for lunch and saw a motionless nuthatch on the road. I took him in my hands — it was shivering.”

“I started to warm it up and the bird started to chirp and walk across my body. Eventually, it sat on my head and kept chirping as we were walking. I felt as if I were a princess from a Disney cartoon.”

“Went for a walk and saw this man taking a picture of all his dogs and I almost cried.”

“I feel so good. This old method of comforting girls is still there.”

“Pet me while my owner doesn’t see.”

“The signature of a janitor in a mall — how cute!”

“Ordered a large fry, got a small fry instead...”

“I dropped by a store near my home. It had only 3 checkout points but only 2 of them were working, though there was quite a crowd. I saw the reason when I was leaving.”

The man is 90 years old today. He is spending today shooting pigeons from his roof with a water pistol.

“My mom spread a towel and sat the cat on it. When I asked why she had done it, she answered, ’Is he supposed to sit on the cold!?’”

“An elderly neighbor of mine is throwing a birthday party for his dog.”

“Dad finally got married! Couldn’t ask for a better stepmom!”

A homeless man’s belongings in Paris

How to get more customers into your barber shop

“Random girl at the farmer’s market seduces my partner in front of my very eyes!”

“This is usually where my dog waits to be let in. I think I have a new pet.”

“My parents sold their camper recently. The new owners sent this picture to my mom of their girls picking out their beds.”

“My dad died 3 years ago, but on Google Maps, he is still doing some gardening, which he loved.”

What’s a cute thing that has happened to you recently?

Preview photo credit Vereskaa / Pikabu


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the man with the water pistol 😂
what an awesome way to spend your retirement


the dog hugging that guy is literally the cutest thing I have ever seen


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