Time Has a Wonderful Way of Showing Us What Really Matters, and These 20 Pics Prove It

2 years ago

Time flies by, and sometimes only old photos can show us how precious those moments we share with friends and loved ones are. These moments could be the first steps of a child, their very first smiles, and the first steps after a long recovery — photo representations can refresh these amazing moments in our memories.

We at Bright Side gathered some of these unforgettable moments and want to share these genuine emotions with you.

1. “12 years apart, 100% love”

2. “My grandmother with Alzheimer’s seeing her great-grandson for the first time”

3. This couple found out they first met long before their twenties.

“My wife and I thought we met for the first time in our twenties. We found out a few years later our mothers were best friends in high school. This photo was displayed at our wedding showing our actual first time meeting.”

4. “Long therapy and finally standing for the first time without a wheelchair — never give up, never surrender!”

5. “This is the day our daughter was declared in remission from cancer!”

6. True love knows no borders.

These guys spent 5 years in long-distance relationships, were in a long-distance marriage for 1 year, and now finally are living together.

7. A family tradition, running for 3 years, and sometimes nothing changes.

8. “One more ’before and after shaving’ post, like father, like son.”

9. “My grandpa’s 3 surviving brothers, coming together 90 years later on the same farm, with the same exact bench”

10. “Photos taken 51 years apart, a wonderful example of true love”

11. “My grandad and me, 55 years apart — he, a heart surgeon, me, a neonatology fellow”

12. “Before and after my Juris Dogtor”

13. A 90-year-old great-grandmother with her 7-year-old great-granddaughter

14. “My grandma just got home from a nursing home. She was away from my grandpa for about a month, and I think they missed each other.”

15. “This is the first time that I’ve seen my grandmother in over 20 years.”

16. “My grandma’s first time riding the train since she was 18”

17. “Bought my grandpa a Nintendo DS 7 years ago. At 96 years old, he still plays it daily, now with his great-granddaughters!”

18. “Saw this elderly couple working out at the gym.”

19. “My 90-year-old grandfather with dementia, hugging my 4-year-old son, said to me, ’I really love this kid, I’m glad he’s here.’”

20. “My 99-year-old grandmother meeting her sixteenth great-granddaughter”

Have you managed to capture the most memorable moments of your life? Which of those moments always makes you smile and brings joy to everyone around you? Please share them in the comments.

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