15+ Pics That Might Lift You Up on a Rainy Day

2 years ago

Whether you’re feeling down or it’s simply a rainy day, nothing beats a picture that manages to boost your mood. From images that’ll warm your heart to those that inspire you or even make you chuckle, they can all turn your day around.

At Bright Side, we love seeing all kinds of uplifting photos. So today, we’ve collected 15+ images to lift your spirits.

1. “Jimmy has immaculate balance.”

2. “My parents’ dog photobombed them.”

3. “My mom brought my daughter a Minnie Mouse from Disney. She LOVES it!”

4. “This was supposed to be a plant progress photo but Henk stole the show!”

5. “Best wedding photobomb ever!”

6. “My beautiful Basset’s thirteenth birthday”

7. “Caught my cat just casually living in a different realm of gravity.”

8. “What I drew as a child vs what I painted as an adult”

9. “Count Chonkula ”

10. “I made my daughter’s Halloween costume.”

11. “My kitten likes to stick her tongue out (she thinks she’s a dog).”

12. “I walked in on this. No idea what her end game is.”

13. “My son was having a tough day, so I put him in his favorite place.”

14. “Whenever I bring my dog to work, he insists on sitting in my desk chair all day.”

15. “He paws’d for the photo.”

16. “Found this old family photo with a cat Photobomb. The dog tried too but wasn’t quite up to the task.”

Do you have a favorite image that can always boost your mood? Let us know in the comments!

Preview photo credit mischiefsadvocate / Reddit


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