17 Pics That Prove Life With Kids Is a Volcano of Emotions

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2 years ago

Raising a child is like being on an emotional roller-coaster 24/7. One minute they are ecstatic with joy. The next we see them lying on the floor, throwing a tantrum for literally no reason. No one can read what’s going on in the mind of the littles ones, not even those who gave them life. The good news is that they’ll soon grow out of their overwhelming behavior. But that’s when we realize that these moments somehow spiced up our lives and then we start to miss them.

Bright Side can’t get enough of the vivid imagination of kids and their seemingly never-ending energy. We will share with you some photos of kids going through a rainbow of intense emotions.

1. ’’My friend’s son mimicking his mom and breastfeeding his doll.’’

2. ’’Disneyland, the happiest place on earth? My 2-year-old doesn’t think so.’’

3. ’’My oldest son spent summer break away from home and got back a few days ago. I think he missed his baby brother just a bit.’’

4. ’’After my 15-month-old son begged me to pick him up his delight was unfettered.’’

5. ’’This morning was the first time my daughter has seen me in a suit. She did not approve.’’

6. ’’My son is suspicious about the whole birthday idea.’’

7. ’’My daughter just discovered how to work hair clips.’’

8. ’’The precious look my son gave me when I gave him a warm blanket, fresh from the dryer.’’

9. ’’My daughter hates mornings, but you’d never know by looking at her.’’

10. ’’He’s already started to practice for his big speech moments.’’

11. ’’My 3-year-old daughter pulled her debit card out and asked to pay the doctor.’’

“They played along and even made her a receipt to ‘sign’ and gave her a lollipop. She was thrilled.”

12. ’’My daughter fell in love with this goat at a local petting zoo. I think it’s safe to say that the feelings were mutual.’’

13. ’’Apparently my 4-year-old only likes the dead center of pizzas?’’

14. “My daughter was so proud that she was kissing the salad bowl. But I am still hoping for great things for her.”

15. ’’Find someone who loves you as much as my daughter loves pizza.’’

16. ’’I think my daughter was happy to have found some eggs at her first egg hunt.’’

17. ’’My daughter didn’t think this little boy was reading his book quickly enough. She ran and jumped up to show him how it’s done.’’

Do you have any children yourself? Do you think parents need to use strong discipline to raise their kids or should they let them express their feelings freely?

Preview photo credit Mama_Rose/Reddit


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