23 Times Kid’s Actions Left Us Scratching Our Heads

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2 years ago

We come across our child sleeping in the dog’s bed, wearing a motorcycle helmet as protection from a bee, or a letter blackmailing the tooth fairy, and we don’t understand what was going through our child’s mind. Even if these actions seem a bit unorthodox, they make sense to them. All is fair in children’s games.

Here at Bright Side, we celebrate these quirky ideas and are truly thankful to the parents who were in the right place at the right time to capture their kid’s actions.

1. “Neighbor’s kid decided to decorate my car with a rock to make it look ’cute’.”

2. “Toddler found the sunroof button.”

3. “My toddler decided to ’help cooking’ today.”

4. “12-year-old me was a genius.”

5. “Toddler. Sharpie. Sleeping husband.”

6. “He saw a bee.”

7. “My kid had half a banana this morning. This is the other half. Why?”

8. “My 3-year-old didn’t know the name of this animal, so he deemed it a ’fish dog’.”

9. “My 10-year-old nephew told his mom he doesn’t know how his phone broke. She later found he’d posted this on YouTube.”

10. 8-year-old prankster

11. “My daughter’s idea of fruits and vegetables.”

12. “My 8-year-old trying to game the system...”

“Dear tooth fairy, please leave money in the bag. As much money as possible.”

13. “When your mom’s friend’s kids play with your Newton’s cradle.”

14. “My kid calls it ’setting up camp’.”

15. “When my kids play ball-hockey in our barn, they leave the door open because our horse enjoys watching them play!”

16. “Puppy or pillow? My kids can’t tell.”

17. “My kid sneaks out of his bed in the middle of the night, kicks the dog out of her bed, and sleeps in it.”

18. “My kids did a great job picking out a Christmas present for me this year.”

19. “My kids did a holiday shoot.”

20. “My kid made an adjustment to my Halloween bottle holder...”

21. “My kid microwaved a Cup Noodles. Without water. Plastic wrap still on it. For many minutes.”

22. “So my kid made a Lego human centipede today.”

23. “My 4-year-old son found one of my Halloween decorations and informed me that ’it was the dead elf on the shelf.’”

Which of these witty actions made you smile or left you completely astonished? If you have funny anecdotes with your kids, share them in the comment section.


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