22 Pics That Literally Made Us Squeak With Pleasure

2 years ago

From a newborn watching itself smile to the tiniest fluffy kitten, the world is full of happiness-inducing things. Nothing compares to the feeling of a supportive note from your children to help you nail an interview, or dancing with your husband on your sixty-ninth wedding anniversary. And the good thing is that we can all share these moments through our screens, bringing us closer together.

Bright Side has found some of the most positive photos from around the world to share their good vibes with you.

1. “Well, looks like I need to find a new bed, this one is taken.”

2. “My daughter’s reaction to watching herself in the front-facing camera”

3. This puppy ice cream

4. “Waking up to 2021”

5. “My parents are celebrating their sixty-ninth wedding anniversary!”

6. “She is helping me study.”

7. “The void stares back.”

8. “My depression pit before and now that I decided I should tidy up”

9. The friendliest-looking bee we’ve ever seen!

10. “I’m a hostage of this vicious criminal, and now I’m going to take him wherever he wants.”

11. “A nice nap after exploring the backyard”

12. “When your 2 babies take naps together”

13. “My daughters helped me nail an interview.”

The letter says:
You can do this, Daddy!
Just take a deep breath and crush it like I did, Dad. I mean, you should also thank your barber. Just remember I’m your biggest fan. YOU CAN DO IT!
Love U!!!
Sorry for the handwriting lol

14. “A very dapper duckling, rescued and relocated out of our complex spa!”

15. “My best friend said yes in our favorite hiking spot. I’m over the moon!”

16. “This is Bean. He’s not as innocent as he looks.”

17. “5-day-old hedgehogs”

18. “A baby rabbit next to my pop’s shoe”

19. “My mammaw’s one-hundredth birthday party last weekend”

20. This cat’s many toe beans

21. “I found them cuddling like this.”

22. “He got to pick his own pumpkin, and he’s very proud. Happy spooky season!”

What thoughtful things has your family done to support you? Do you have a pet that is especially happy that the world gets to see?


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