20+ Pictures Where the Background Tells the Whole Story

9 months ago

There’s a reason why movie academies give awards for the best supporting roles. The background is where the most unexpected and funniest things happen. We have seen hundreds of pictures from Internet users featuring true photobombs that people don’t notice right away. In this article, we have collected the best of them just for you.

Bright Side has collected some pictures where the most interesting things are happening in the background. And at the end of the article, be sure to read the bonus section about a hungry seal.

That’s a cemetery in the background, so the sign is probably true.

Look at how long this gummy worm is! But it’s not the most shocking part of the photo...

Somebody is too talented for all these family photo shoots...

The oddly flat man in the background makes this look like two different photos.

“This is a photo of my mother and grandmother with my dog doing her own business in the background.”

“Looking through old pictures of myself, I never realized the mildly interesting background.”

Mermaid photobomb

Policemen can be way more fun than you think.

“I took a selfie and saw myself 20 years in the future.”

Largest photo bomb ever

This is the perfect photo.

“I hate it when my girlfriend takes pictures of me sleeping!”

“I had this on my refrigerator for 6 years before I noticed it.”

“My friend’s photobomb — he was looking for keys.”

“She’s not the only one who thinks that this pose is great.”

When you take a selfie but nobody cares about you:

When your human takes a photo of another cat and it makes you sad:

“She saw an opportunity and ran with it!”

“Just hanging out, kids playing in the leaves, smoking some chicken on the grill — oh and our dog...”

This is what hope looks like:

Photobombed by Batman!

Sometimes you see Justin Timberlake in concert and sometimes he photobombs you...

Bonus: “My wife wanted to take a picture of me with a yellowtail. She said, ’Smile!’ and pressed the button. When she looked up, I was gone.”

Which of these pictures made you laugh more than the others? Do you have something like this in your collection?

Preview photo credit GaryGronk / reddit


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