18 Discoveries That Are Enough to Tickle Anyone Pink

2 years ago

Life sure knows how to keep us on our toes, especially when we find truly unexpected things waiting around the corner. Thankfully for us all, these surprises add a flavor of comedy and laughter to our lives, leaving us with a smile on our faces. And thanks to the Internet, such photos easily become viral, spreading positive vibes and smiles around the world.

Bright Side welcomes you to take a break from your day to scroll through these feel-good pics we have selected for your enjoyment.

1. “I just turned 31, and this is the most professional photo I have of myself.”

2. “My grandma and grandpa dressed as each other for a party in the early 1950s.”

3. “My cat has a cookie shape on his belly.”

4. “The legs on this table in the Idaho State Capitol building”

5. “Just a new building on the ground floor facing a busy road”

6. “Someone put googly eyes on a statue in Exeter (UK).”

7. “I just moved in with my girlfriend and her 3 teenage daughters.”

“It’s been a while since they’ve had a handyman around...or a man period.”

8. “Dropped the kids at school this morning. The head teacher was smiling at me, other parents were smiling at me.”

“It was a lovely morning until I looked down.”

9. “My Cup Noodles lid is also a cat that greets you when you open it halfway.”

10. “Asked a guy to take a nice photo of me and my girlfriend. Our reply: ’Great, thank you.’”

11. “And it was at this moment I realized...the pattern was written in British measurements.”

12. “I just finished unpacking my mattress and found this at the bottom.”

13. “Had no hot dog buns and now my boyfriend and I realize we are 2 very different people...”

14. “My husband and I discovered you can get photo shower curtains.”

15. “Realized the cutesy snowman at work has poop for a nose.”

16. “Some mornings, I wake up and stare at the ceiling with the feeling like my inky black depression is staring back at me.”

“Then I realize it’s just my cat being a creeper.”

17. “These ’dog toys’ my wife discovered at our local groomer”

18. “Just realized I’ve been driving all over town with refrigerator magnets on my car.”

What hilarious fails have you experienced recently? What is a big comic revelation you’ve had about your life?

Preview photo credit princessamirak / Reddit


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