15+ Girls Show What Makeup Done by Blunderers Looks Like

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3 years ago

When attempting to make themselves up or seeking help from a professional, girls expect to become attractive and gorgeous. But alas, we don’t always get that sparkling result in the end. In fact, there are times when this “makeup” looks more like war paint.

We at Bright Side love people who can use humor to cope with disastrous situations.

“Asked a makeup artist for homecoming makeup.”

“Just a little self roasting session for how I used to do my eyebrows...”

“I went to get trial makeup done for prom. I don’t know if 100% of this is bad or not, but the left side isn’t that great.”

This girl went to get her trial makeup done for her wedding. She wanted neutral makeup with light lips. Here is what she got.

“Had my makeup done at one popular cosmetic store chain today...”

“My self-proclaimed makeup artist friend showed my other friend what she was made of...”

“I got my hair and makeup done for free as a ’model’ in Brazil, I was happy with the hair — with the makeup, not so much.”

“This is the makeup I got before a small fashion show I was supposed to be in.”

“My old makeup — look at those brows, the nose contour. Incredible.”

“Let me show you the ONE TIME I booked a makeup artist for a work party. The face says it all.”

“My sad wedding makeup that I paid $50 for.”

“I got my makeup done and the artist BUTCHERED my eyebrows. The second picture shows my natural eyebrows.”

“The makeup artist told me that a warm color on my face would exaggerate the warmth and make my face look very red. Now I look like a ’90s barbie doll.”

“Asked for a peachy subtle look for my wedding...”

“I never wore makeup in high school, so I decided to get my prom makeup done at a popular cosmetic store 4 years ago. I felt like I should share this.”

“My little sister got her makeup done for my thirtieth birthday party. She’s really good at her own makeup and wanted to treat herself. Every time I need cheering up, I look at this photo and laugh. It costs $60!!”

“The reaction my sister had: ’Got my makeup done. I can’t breathe. And I have to pay for this.”

“I tried to do an ’ombré’ Deadpool look. It was terrible. I blame their shadows, 90%. The other 10% was me.”

Have you ever had beauty fails like these? How did you react to them?

Preview photo credit Secure_Dragonfruit69 / Reddit


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some of these peoples makeup look like a 7 year old has done it...
NO even a 7 year old could have done something better than this


90s Barbie girl's artist wasn't wrong in theory, just in execution. That lip colour isn't bad on her, it would've been fine by itself. The shadow is the problem, she has cool undertones but she's a soft not a bright. Switch it for a taupe with the same tone but less saturation, blend it out properly and it would've looked good on her.


If you don't usually wear makeup, LOOK CLOSE TO THAT FOR YOUR WEDDING. I went to a wedding where I knew who the bride was because she was wearing the white bridal gown. From the neck up, she looked like a leftover from the bachelor party.


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