15 Brave Girls Who Don’t Care About Beauty Standards and Choose to Laugh Instead

year ago

In this era of perfect selfies on Instagram, it’s hard to find spontaneous photos that show exactly what people are like in real life. These girls know that nobody wears makeup 24/7, waking up a dolled-up princess. They had enough courage not only to show their possible imperfections but also to whip out hilarious faces that we can’t help but smile at.

Bright Side shows what happens when social expectations are left behind and fun takes over.

1. “I have absolutely no idea how I did this.”

2. “When you tickle my neck”

3. “Muppet vibes”

4. “When you put yourself together but on the inside, you’re a moose”

5. “Get yourself a girl that can do both.”

6. “Magical goddess, giver of life”

7. “As the French say, ’Ooh, la AHHH!?!?!!’”

8. “If you don’t love me at my Tim Curry, you don’t deserve me at my Mila Jovovich.”

9. “The Sebastian Maniscalco grin

10. “Us in public vs when we make eye contact in class”

11. “Every time I open the front camera”

12. “Good morning, gang.”

13. “This made me lol so much.”

14. “Guess who’s back? Back again! Jugzy’s back, tell your friends!”

15. “Beautiful worm”

How often do you take funny selfies? What do you look like when you make a face?

Preview photo credit Liz****16 / Reddit


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