18 People Whose Day Surprised Them in the Most Infuriating Way

2 years ago

Experts say that whenever we face a frustrating situation, the best thing to do is to take deep breaths and relax our muscles. We understand how those 2 things seem crazy when something super annoying has happened to you. But you should remember that nothing can change what has already happened.

Bright Side wants to remind you that no matter how bitter today’s pill is, tomorrow’s can always be much sweeter.

1. “Just arrived at my hometown and someone stole my bike’s wheels. Now I have to walk over 3.5 miles with a bike frame on my back.”

2. “A door handle broke off at the gas station...with the car running.”

3. A glass tragedy

4. “My mom only wanted the chocolate part.”

5. “The wheel fell off my car on my way to work.”

6. “Just baked this cake and ate one piece, came back and the dog licked the icing off as far as she could reach.”

7. “1 hour into a 10-hour flight and spilled the second drink I had begged for from the flight attendant all over my lap.”

8. “She has separation anxiety.”

9. “I love my husband. I love cheese. Brian, why?”

10. “What the actual fork?”

11. “Someone broke into my car to steal $10 worth of candy and toys I bought to give to my 4-year-old students.”

12. “Came back to my college apartment this morning with my roommates having done this.”

13. “Ah, yes. The ol’ gum-in-the-hand-hoop!”

14. “Ordered a tuna roll. This was not what I was expecting.”

15. “AirPods Pro were in my front pocket. Pulled my pants up.”

“The AirPods fall out of my pocket and onto the floor. The left one bounced right into the toilet.”

16. “Define disappointment.”

17. “That oil wasn’t fun to clean.”

18. “One tiny table for an 18-inch pizza.”

Have you ever experienced any unexpected moments that made you want to scream out loud?


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