15+ Strong People Whose Success Can Motivate Our Lazy Bones

3 years ago

Anne Frank once wrote, “Laziness may appear attractive, but work gives satisfaction.” The changes in these resilient people show you that time is a trivial factor, but even more so, it’s perseverance and the right mindset that can lead to impressive outcomes.

We at Bright Side are inspired by these people who embody remarkable results brought about by dedication and hard work.

1. “Same shirt, new waist!”

2. “I started with a healthy weight loss but it went wrong. Now I’m happily recovered.”

3. “I focused on myself and set goals one day at a time.”

4. “50 pounds down!”

5. “Reaping all the benefits of my weight loss.”

6. “What 3 months of watching my calories did”

7. “11 pounds down and sharper facial features”

8. “An 8-year-long journey with 2 kids prior and 2 more in between...”

9. “Results from 2 months of working on myself”

10. “Don’t give up. Try and try again.”

11. “New life, new look!”

12. “Celebrating 1 year of healthier living with my cat!”

13. “I’ve learned that self-care is what I need to be happy.”

14. “One year, 170 pounds down!”

15. “Same shirt, different body”

16. “My takeaway: If you stick with it, it will get better.”

17. “The practice of moderation helped me feel better than ever!”

18. “Patience was the key to my progress.”

19. “Reaping the benefits of weight lifting and eating better”

Are you feeling motivated to focus on yourself more, or are you like one of the people from this list? Share your inspiring story with us!

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The best part of working on yourself is seeing the progress becuase it makes you more motivated :D


Proud of these guys! Keep up the work! I struggle sooo hard keeping myself motivated during the lockdown


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