16 People Who Are Proud of Their Gray Hair and Never Hide It

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Nowadays we can often see celebrities who are not ashamed to show off their gray hair in front of photographers. The heroes of this article are not celebrities or models, they are ordinary people who decided to not hide their gray hair anymore.

At Bright Side, we are sure that gray hair doesn’t make people less beautiful. And in the bonus section, we’ll show that even young women admire gray hair.

“13 months of no hair dye”

“I’m 34. I wanted to stop dyeing because my hair was dry, flat, blocky looking, and needed coloring every 3 weeks to hide the gray. Plus I’d been dyeing it for 10 years and genuinely had no idea what the color really looked like anymore. I also just want to care less what others think and to accept myself more.”

“I’ve been really feeling my natural grey hair today that’s more noticeable with wet hair, and I wanted to share.”

“I’m turning 47 soon and refusing to dye my gray hairs.”

“When I was a girl I used to see older women with gray streaks in their hair and think how cool and fierce they looked.”

Gray hair at 40 is not the reason to go to a salon.

" I’m 40, and I look it in real life, trust me."

“It’s my birthday, and my gray hair is showing more than ever.”

“Gray hair is so unique. I wanted to have that pure white but ended up a smoky gray which I love.”

“My hair mostly behaved today!”

Gray hair and an open smile is a stunning combination.

Gray hair can be beautiful even if it’s cut short.

Gray hair looks great with playful curls.

“I’ve been growing this for 70 weeks. I think I’ll be able to get rid of my dyed hair in 2 years.”

“I really love my gray hair. Now I want to dye the remaining hair gray.”

Many shades of noble natural gray

Men are also following the trend.

“My salt and pepper curls”

Bonus: Dyed gray hair also looks great.

“Gray is my favorite color.”

Do you think the heroes of our article made the right choice? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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I love gray hair. I am 67 and stopped dying it. Everyone says my hair looks great.
Grey is my favorite color!!


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