20+ People Who Didn’t Realize How Beautiful They Were Until They Got a Complete Makeover

3 years ago

When we follow a certain fashion trend, we can’t really have a voice from the future come back and tell us: “You’re going to regret this in a few years.” Everyone thinks that their new look is amazing. For example, a few years ago, fashion magazines claimed that women should wear very thin eyebrows and that men shouldn’t shape their eyebrows — they had to keep them natural, even if that meant having a unibrow. Thankfully, times have changed, and both guys and girls have realized that the things they once thought looked great because magazines said so weren’t actually that nice after all.

At Bright Side, we admire those who are willing to laugh out loud at old pictures of themselves blindly following certain fashion trends and can now reflect on it by looking at how much they’ve changed.

1. “17 years old and alternative to 24 years old — I used to shave off my eyebrows and draw them back in.”

2. “Age 17 and 26 — thanks to the sun, growing eyebrows and hair, and gaining a healthy amount of weight, I love myself so much more as an adult.”

3. “Age 12 to 20 — braces, proper eyebrow maintenance, my hair changing throughout the years, and growing into my nose — I think it all really helped!😅”

4. “Age 16 to 24 — I honestly can’t believe none of my friends were honest and told me that my eyebrows looked like THAT!”

5. “I did a lot of growing in the last year. I finally got braces and can do my eyebrows right.”

6. “16 to 29 — it’s amazing what eyebrow maintenance can do.”

7. “16 to 20 years old — eyebrows saved my life.”

8. “2010 to 2019: Thank goodness for facial hair and eyebrow waxing!”

9. “Thank goodness I started leaving my eyebrows alone.”

10. “Age 11 to 24 — I got braces, waxed my eyebrows, grew into my nose, and grew out my bangs to hide that old man hairline! I still have trouble accepting myself because of the bullying, but I’m working on just loving me for me.”

11. “Although I did struggle with acne throughout high school, I’ve started going to the gym and losing weight, getting treatments to clear my skin — oh, and I learned how to do my eyebrows, finally.”

12. “14 to 19 — thankful for my friends, braces, eyebrows, and self-esteem.”

13. “Proud of how far I’ve come!”

14. “15 to 24 — I’ve wanted to post here for years but always chickened out.”

15. “16 to 35: Don’t dye your hair blond and spike it, folks, it’s never a good idea.”

16. “14 to 27 — thank you, braces.”

17. “From 18 to 27 years old”

18. “2013 to 2020, I am honestly astonished at the difference in myself.”

19. “Went from a 1 to a 3 in less than 8 months!! What do you think?”

20. “I went from being picked on at school for being ugly to becoming a part-time model, age 15 to age 24.”

21. “Age 16 vs 20!”

What fashion trend did you follow in your youth? What changes in your appearance have you made lately that make you look and feel better?

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the only question is - why people choose to make themselves ugly like this?


Self esteem is your greatest asset . All look good it's just a bad photograph showing that lack of self confidence.


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