14 Pairs of Characters Who Are the Same Age but Look Totally Different

2 years ago

Nowadays, there are so many movies and TV shows that we can even choose what kinds of characters we want to see. But the way each film presents them can be very different. Sometimes 15-year-olds look like they’re 30, and 40-year-old adults look like they’ve just come of age.

Bright Side would like to invite you to meet some characters that are the same age but look very different.

1. Carly from iCarly and Daenerys from Game of Thrones are 17.

2. In these pics, Bella Swan from Twilight and Rose from Titanic are supposed to be 17.

3. Did you know that both Sam from iCarly and Dustin from Stranger Things are 13 years old?

4. Percy Jackson and Will from Stranger Things are 12 here.

5. Mike Wheeler from Stranger Things and Hermione from Harry Potter are 12 years old here.

6. Spider-Man and Beck from Victorious are 16 years old here.

7. These pics show Hannah Montana and Max from Stranger Things at 14.

8. Both Alice and Cinderella are supposed to be 19 years old.

9. Luna from Soy Luna and Spencer from Pretty Little Liars are 16 years old.

10. Peeta from The Hunger Games is 16 years old, as is Cat from Victorious.

11. Katniss from The Hunger Games and Taylor from High School Musical are both 16 years old too.

12. Tori Vega from Victorious and Rory from Gilmore Girls are 16 too.

13. And did you know that Clary from Shadowhunters and Jade from Victorious are the same age? They are 16 years old here.

14. Both Lizzie McGuire and Zoey from Zoey 101 are 13 years old here.

What celebrity do you think looks younger than they really are?

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