18 Women Who Weren’t Afraid of Radically Changing Their Hair and Now Look as Stunning as Ever

3 years ago

Chopping it all off, dyeing it neon green, or experimenting with a pixie Pinterest-worthy cut — sometimes all a woman needs to shake things up is a drastic hair transformation. And the cherry on top of it all is to come out of the hair salon looking like a Hollywood star with confidence shooting through the roof.

Bright Side found a group of ladies that had the courage to finally change their hair, and they didn’t regret it for one single second.

1. “It looks so much healthier and thicker, and you look like you have taken a weight off!”

2. “I was scared, but I did the big chop and actually love it.”

3. “This is one of the best haircuts I have ever seen!”

4. “Looks like an oil spill. Beautiful!”

5. “One of my favorite transformations — you went from cute to fabulous in a flash.”

6. “Just cut off almost 3 feet (91 cm) of hair I spent 12 years growing and couldn’t be happier.”

7. “It makes your eyes pop! Looks amazing!”

8. “This style definitely suits you super-duper well!”

9. “I love your haircut, outfit, glasses, tattoo, smile...everything about your look is on point.”

10. “I finally did it, and I didn’t cry!”

11. “Probably one of the best hair improvements I’ve seen! It suits you so well.”

12. “I feel like a new woman.”

13. “Decided to join the dark side.”

14. “Got bangs after thinking about it for months!”

15. “You look like Dakota Johnson in the after pic!”

16. “I just feel like this new haircut suits your personality better.”

17. “I have always had long hair, I’m so happy I finally changed it!”

18. “First picture, oh she’s pretty. Second picture — OMG, she’s stunning.”

What’s the most drastic hair transformation you’ve ever had?


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