16 Girls Who Stopped Using Makeup and Became Even More Beautiful

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2 years ago

All girls know this truth: the right makeup can turn anyone into a princess. Highlighting the eyes, evening out skin imperfections — you get used to these things so fast that you actually stop leaving home without makeup. But we shouldn’t forget that it’s not makeup that makes us attractive. Natural beauty is just as mesmerizing.

We at Bright Side have found photos of girls that are ready to challenge the world of makeup and decided to prove that they can be charming and stunning even without fancy hairstyles and foundation.

1. “I’ve never been into makeup.”

2. “No filter! Everyone tells me I have great skin.”

3. “It’s taking a long time to feel comfortable with my curly hair, but I’m getting there.”

4. “A selfie on a rainy day”

5. “This is the first time I’ve shown the world my bare face.”

6. “Feels amazing to no longer believe I need makeup to go to the store. Time to make another cake!”

7. Being sincere with yourself is a victory.

8. No makeup

9. “In a world where makeup and filters rule our society, I’m happy I can still wear no makeup.”

10. “Bare-faced today and have a huge bug bite on my chest! Still trying to embrace the natural side of myself, even on a bad day!”

11. A smile is better than any makeup.

12. “Just standing next to my friend, Crocky!”

13. “Was told I’m looking rather cute today.”

14. “I saw a meme on Instagram that said being pretty without makeup is a serious flex. I concur!”

15. “Just stopped wearing eyelashes for the first time in years. I’ve actually never felt more beautiful in my own skin.”

16. “It’s really been hitting me lately how heavily conditioned we’ve been to believe that we are ’less’ without makeup.”

“Less pretty, less ‘put together,’ overall less complete than we would be otherwise. It’s taking me a long time to undo that, but we’re getting there.”

What’s your attitude toward makeup?

Got some cool photos or stories and want to be featured on Bright Side? Send them all right HERE and right now. Meanwhile, we’re waiting!

Preview photo credit Izzychaos_hotwife / Reddit


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