20 Bright Examples That Show a Beard Can Change a Man’s Face More Than Plastic Surgery Can

2 years ago

There is an opinion that men with beards not only look older but are also perceived as people with a higher social status. While, for some people, thick hair on the face is a way to hide cosmetic imperfections, others use it to increase attractiveness. And it’s mostly the female part of the world who can say whether that goal has been reached.

We at Bright Side saw, through the example of internet users, how different can one person look with and without a beard.

“My friends have dubbed me ’Father Time.’”

“My transformation”

  • It’s an awesome beard but it adds 15 years to your face, so if you’re 45, awesome! You finally look your age, but if you’re 28, maybe stay shaved. © blueblewbLu3 / Reddit

“A 6-month difference”

“Needed a change and it feels quite refreshing.”

“7 weeks of growth. No trim!”

“Last saw my shaved face one year ago.”

“Better with or without the beard?”

“18 vs 19, I think I made the right choice!”

“My girlfriend told me ‘Puberty hit you like a truck’”

“Stages of a shave. I can’t be the only one who does this...”

“I plan on cleaning it up before I have to re-enter society.”

“I realized that chinstrap beards aren’t cool and got a better haircut.”

“Beard evolution, 8 weeks after shaving.”

“I just made a big change.”

“People have been seeing my beard first for a while. Time to spice things up.”

“To beard or not to beard: that is the question.”

“Which style suits me best?”

“Be brutally honest please, I want to know the cold truth.”

“2 months of growth”

It’s only one detail but he looks totally different.

Do you think a beard makes men more attractive or does it depend on the person? Perhaps you can share a photo or 2 from your own archives.

Preview photo credit mustachiopotato / Reddit


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