22 Husbands Anybody Would Be Lucky to Marry

4 years ago

There are many ways to show your love to your significant other. While some prefer traditional displays of affection, others take it to a whole new level, playing jokes on their loved ones so there's never a single dull moment. One thing can be said for sure about the husbands below, their sense of humor rivals their love for their wives.

We at Bright Side are now sharing with you the most hilarious examples of a husbands' love expressed through sharp wit and blazing with romance – in their own way.

1. No curtains? No blinds? Who cares!

2. "I asked my husband to take our cat to get groomed. I wish I had gone along too."

3. "It's difficult to hide my emotions because I'm about to be a dad for the first time. I hope my wife likes that I captured her expression too."

4. "I turned our nanny cam's motion detector on and set it up to email my wife while she was at work one night. Then I dressed up in an old Halloween costume and went in for the kill. My wife is still furious, but I think it was hilarious."

5. "I was simply asking my dog to stand straight. My wife thinks I'm losing it."

6. "I asked for a Coach bag from my husband for my birthday. I don't know whether to laugh or get mad."

7. When you have to decode the love message, but all you find is one witty husband.

8. You've got to have guts to use these lines as your book dedication.

9. "My mistake was asking my husband to paint us together. We ended up with 'not worthy of displaying' painting."

10. "I asked my husband to do some editing on the engagement photos. Apparently he associates war with getting married?"

11. "I got maternity shoot done on myself, because my wife was too shy for it."

12. "My wife wanted me to include our newborn daughter's picture on my social profile. I thought my daughter might like this when she grows up. Wife is still furious."

13. The best gift ever from a husband to a wife!

14. I have trust issues now.

15. "I slid this under the bathroom door for my wife. She's asked me to renovate the house and build a separate barthroom now."

16. "I asked my husband to spend some time with our dog. How can someone actually be so mean to a poor little dog?"

17. "I left the baby with my husband for just 10 minutes..."

18. And another baby, left with his father for an hour...

19. "My husband insisted on packing my lunch today."

20. "I asked my husband to clean the fridge today. This is what happened:"

21. Wife is 5'1, husband is 6'2. I asked my husband to hang a mirror in the bathroom. I just wish he would consider my height at least once.

22. Sending my wife subtle hints.

Aren't these husbands hilarious? How can their wives not just love being with them! Has your husband also done something like this to you or do you know of anyone who would fit into this category? We would love to read about them in the comments below.

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if dudes keep treating their wives like sh*t, then they complain when they have to sleep in it? Some dudes don't deserve a queen.


Most of them are hilariously funny. But the one with the mirror and the one with the spaghetti are just sad and thoughtless.
The one with the spaghetti is a bf who doesn't care for his gf and tries to hide him avoiding doing his share of housework as a funny prank. But it's passive-agressively denying her help in everyday chores.
And putting a mirror up so high that your spouse can't use it is just thoughtless and shows you really don't care


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