17 Celebs Who Preferred Budget Clothing Over Expensive Haute Couture Outfits

2 years ago

We are used to seeing perfect-looking celebs wearing gorgeous outfits on TV screens and magazine covers. And their shoes and garments oftentimes cost a lot of money. But times are changing and today we often notice actresses or other celebs opting for budget-friendly brands.

We at Bright Side examined the trendy looks of celebrities and found the ones who can not only dress up fashionably but also affordably by perfectly styling mass-market outfits.

Kate Middleton

The Duchess often opts for inexpensive brands. However, afterward, as a rule, these outfits become unavailable in stores because fashion-mongers buy them out. St. Patrick’s Day was no exception and the Duchess went for a green Zara blazer that retails for $89, which is quite hard to find in stock today.

Queen Letizia

Another member with royal blood, Queen Letizia of Spain, also often wears garments from the Spanish brand Zara. For example, the Queen complemented this flowery dress that retails for $89.90, with a stunning pair of matching shoes.

Gigi Hadid

Gigi can masterfully combine luxury items with everyday brands. This time she opted for a denim look consisting of a Levi’s jacket that retails for $80, having complimented the overall look with bright boots, a red top, and bright red lipstick.

Jennifer Lopez

Gorgeous J.Lo put on a Z Supply t-shirt that retails for $38 for her walk around Paris together with Alex Rodriguez. The overall look was complemented by pants with stripes and Gucci sneakers.

Gal Gadot

High heels are a usual thing on the red carpet but not for Gal Gadot. The celebrity put on golden strappy sandals that retail for $50 from Aldo and a Givenchy dress with paillettes for the premiere of the Wonder Woman movie.

Penélope Cruz

Penélope doesn’t mind wearing mass-market items for big ceremonies. For example, the actress wore an H&M dress to the Academy Awards afterparty.

Hailey Bieber

Hailey has a way of perfectly combining male and female clothes as well as luxury and mass-market brands with each other. For example, during her vacation in California, Hailey went for a beige cotton wide-leg Zara jumpsuit that retails for $50.

Jessica Chastain

Just like Penélope, Jessica Chastain appeared at an afterparty in an H&M dress.

Angelina Jolie

The actress is famous for her ability to create a nice image. Angelina appeared in a total black look in an airport, having complemented it with stylish loafers that retail for $67.

Milla Jovovich

The actress and audience-favorite opted for a Forever 21 brand shirt on the red carpet, that retails for $19.

Jessica Alba

The famous and simply beautiful Jessica Alba always pleases her fans with bright and stylish looks. She can often be seen wearing multi-layered sets, oversized items, and different types of jeans. This time the actress opted for a pajama-style H&M top and pants for $70 and $80, respectively.

Olivia Wilde

Velvet blue platform sandals, that retail for $90, look good on the smiling and pregnant Olivia Wilde. She looks gorgeous in this red flowing dress on the red carpet.

Kylie Jenner

The celebrity showed off a satin white wrap-dress by Meshki on her account on social media. It retails for $89.

Bella Hadid

In New York, the supermodel appeared in stylish velvet Nike sneakers that can be bought for only $85.

Ashley Graham

The girl astonished everyone when she appeared in a Meshki crop-top and skirt that retail for $38 each.


Beyoncé is a big fan of House of CB. She put on an Orsina skirt that retails for $89 to spend an evening at the theater.

Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski combined brand-name things with an affordable wardrobe item — a Meshki crop-top that retails for $39.

Do you think a person who is not an expert in fashion is capable of distinguishing luxury clothes from mass-market items?


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