My Husband Cheated on Me, But Instead of Leaving Him I've Been Taking Revenge on Him for 8 Years

3 weeks ago

Revenge is best served when it's chilled, and today's heroine knows it for sure. A woman named Greta has recently penned a letter to our editorial and told us her mind-boggling story which started with such a painful thing as infidelity. Greta didn't want her husband to just leave after he had an affair with another woman behind her back. She wanted him to feel all the pain that she felt when she discovered his side romance, and it took her long 8 years to get a revanche over her betraying spouse. Let's find out more about this intricate story and Greta's feelings about everything.

Greta's marriage has been beyond happy, it's been ideal.

Greta, 40, has always believed that her union with her husband Rick has been a blessing. The woman described it as an ideal marriage that was more than a marriage, it was a very close bond a genuine friendship, and a passionate love, all in one.

Greta wrote, "Rick and I have been married for 15 years and we hadn't had a single argument, a single fight throughout all this happy time. Believe it or not, there has never been a scandal, a raised voice, or any kind of verbal or non-verbal offense in our family. We've always been soulmates, kindred spirits, and, above all, we were best friends.

We raised 3 kids together, and we've been through so many challenges, troubles, and pain, always lending a hand to each other in the darkest times of our lives. When Rick's parents passed away in a terrible car catastrophe, I was there for him to help him heal. I didn't even think for a moment, I quit my job to be there with him every day, every single moment until he was back to normal again. When our second kid was diagnosed with a rare form of genetic condition that would mean him slowly dying, year after year, we were so united against this tragic diagnosis that we finally found a way to treat him in one of the best clinics in the world. And now our kid is alive, happy, and almost healthy.

I still think that our love and unity guided us through so many troubles in our life and we both survived through these times because we were always holding hands in the face of our destiny, which had been cruel sometimes."

Rick's infidelity turned the woman's life into a total nightmare.

Greta wrote, "I discovered my husband's infidelity 8 years ago. It all went like in a cheap soap opera, the kind of movie I always hated and now I had to live through it myself. I had a call from a woman, who was his mistress' friend and she told me everything about his affair and even sent me screenshots of their texts and some videos from their private dates.

To say that I was broken is to say nothing. I was so hurt that I couldn't eat anything for many weeks. I didn't tell him at once that I knew everything, I spent nights crying and shouting into my pillow so that my husband and kids didn't see and hear my pain. I thought my life was over.

When my pain seized a little bit, I told Rick that I knew everything. He didn't deny a single thing and confessed to me about his affair. He pleaded with me not to leave him, he swore that this was the first and the last time in his life that he betrayed me. I didn't believe him, but I didn't leave him at that moment. I agreed to stay married to him and to forget everything that happened between him and that woman.

To his credit, he has been an ideal husband since then and worked on himself but I never really forgave him. I just learned to be okay with the status quo. Until now."

Greta didn't divorce her husband, because of her revenge plan.

Greta wrote, " I had something special in mind as a payback for every tear that I dropped because of this huge betrayal. And my further life went in a way that helped me to fulfill my cruel, yet justified plan.

I had a serious heart attack a couple of years ago. As a result of it, there was some loss of blood supply, causing damage to my health. That accident changed my perspective. I got my cholesterol and blood pressure levels down. I also started taking my fitness appointments seriously and now I'm finally in the best shape of my life.

This was a quite tragic thing, but at the same time, it helped me make the right decision in life. My success in restoring my health triggered my self-improvement in so many other areas of my life. I changed my style, I progressed in my profession and I finally found a new hobby that I fell in love with. I started communicating with many people because of my new hobby.

With that came a saving feeling that I could finally get a better partner than my husband. I realized well enough that I wanted to retire with a man who never betrayed me. So I finally decided to leave my husband, and this was just a coincidence that at that very moment, Rick was going through a very bad period in his life."

Greta left Rick after 8 years of pretending that everything was fine.

Greta confessed, "All these 8 years Rick had been thinking that he was forgiven. I was honest with him about the reason why I was leaving him after such a long time of a seemingly happy life together. I told him I believed I could do better than him that's why I am leaving him. I told him he's still attractive which is somewhat true, but what I need is a man who never cheated on me and he can't be that person. Since our kids are older now his utility for me is decreasing with every passing day. There is no point in delaying the inevitable."

Greta wrote, "Saying that he was not happy is a huge understatement. He went mad and started accusing me of using him. He shouted, called me names, he even cried, just like I did 8 years ago when I found out about his affair. He claimed that I robbed him of his valuable time, which I find the most outrageous because the only one who robbed and betrayed, was him."

He tried to bring everything back and even suggested that we should have a baby to save our relationship. But I ignored all his attempts to involve me in arguments and I'm happily marching forward with our divorce. I am in the best position to divorce now, our kids are older and I can date easily. Rick is miserable now, he has issues with his health and work, but I don't care. Am I wrong?"

And here's a confession of a woman who took a married man away from his family. She told us how she wanted to build her happiness on the ashes of her significant other's marriage, but her life suddenly turned into a nightmare.

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