17 Celebrities Who Got Into an Awkward Situation Because of Their Evening Dresses

2 years ago

Beautiful dresses sometimes turn out to be uncomfortable and can cause trouble for the person wearing them at the most inappropriate moment. A strap might fall off, a zipper might fall apart, or the hem might tear off — even celebrities are not insured from such situations. But while some turn red at such moments, others find a way out with their heads held high and their smiles wide.

We at Bright Side applaud the abilities of celebrities to elegantly come out of awkward situations. Today, we’re recalling cases when dresses were about to spoil their evenings, but their savvy and fast thinking didn’t let it happen.

J.Lo’s gorgeous dress obviously wasn’t designed for the fact that a person sweats and antiperspirant might not work. But J.Lo didn’t even seem bothered about it.

Scarlett Johansson didn’t take wind into account — it was trying to put the actress into an awkward situation, but she was firmly holding the flying bow.

The train of Rihanna’s dress was so huge that her colleagues literally had no place to put their feet. However, it seems none of the girls were annoyed with it.

Beyoncé’s chic outfit was so tight-fitting that the diva could hardly take a step. At least her spouse was ready to come and help her if she needed it.

The tricky cut almost darkened Nicole Kidman’s evening, but the actress treated the situation with humor and kept adjusting her dress without ceasing to smile.

Lily-Rose Depp found herself in an awkward situation due to her disobeying bra. The actress reacted very fast and kept elegantly holding the top of her outfit.

It seems the hem of Jennifer Aniston’s dress had its own plans for the evening. However, the actress didn’t want to let it free and demonstrated impressive endurance.

The bottom part of Jennifer Lawrence’s impressive dress got torn right when she was on her way to the stage, but the actress went up the stairs as if nothing had happened.

The combination of a whimsy hem and a deep neckline played a joke on Paris Hilton. But the celebrity simply adjusted the skirt and went on posing for photographers without any sign of embarrassment.

The zipper on Fergie’s dress came apart right on the red carpet. As a true professional, the singer didn’t show any sign of it.

Rihanna’s chic outfit kept sliding down, but the pop diva found a way out — she literally took the dress into her hands.

Sharon Stone wet the bottom of her dress, which resulted in the heavy fabric going down, and cuts went further than they were supposed to. But the actress didn’t even raise an eyebrow.

Something happened to Margot Robbie’s zipper. But Alexander Skarsgård, who was standing next to her, reacted fast and after a couple of seconds, the actors kept on posing for photographers.

Zoe Saldaña also received help from her colleagues — the actress stepped on the hem of her dress and almost fell down.

Raffey Cassidy got untangled from her dress thanks to her colleagues, Natalie Portman, Brady Corbet, and Stacy Martin.

Sarah Jessica Parker looks so good in this mini dress that her look wasn’t even spoiled by the fact she had to constantly pull the dress down and adjust the bra.

Amy Adams’ dress was so tight-fitting that the actress could hardly move on the red carpet. But it didn’t stop her from posing for photographers with a big smile.

Have you ever found yourself in an awkward situation because of your outfit? Tell us about it in the comments!


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