14 Outdated Makeup Techniques and Stylish Alternatives to Replace Them

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3 years ago

Over the years of applying makeup, many girls have learned certain techniques and understood which makeup suits them and which doesn’t. But trends penetrate into our lives to some extent. The beauty industry on the internet keeps creating new methods of applying makeup to the face and other body parts. Some of these experiments become popular with the masses. There is no sense in ignoring trends because some of them can be taken note of and change your image for the better.

We at Bright Side decided to find out which outdated makeup trends we should ditch in favor of fresh ideas.

1. White eyeliner on the waterline

It used to be thought that this trick would make one’s eyes seem bigger and more expressive, and contribute to a fresh and relaxed look. The idea was to make the waterline a continuation of the whites of the eyes. But the whites are not always white and this color eyeliner only enhances their redness. An eyeliner in a nude color will perform this task much better — it will enlarge the eyes by blending with your skin.

2. Clear brow shape

Natural-looking, wide brows are still in style, but now you don’t have to style them hair-to-hair. Just brushing them in the direction of their growth and fixing them in this position is enough. A brow gel can be replaced with soap. Recently, the technique called “soap brows” has been getting more and more popular. Hairs are fixed with transparent soap, which should be applied in several thin layers with the help of a brow brush.

By the way, sable-looking eyebrows are slowly losing their allure. The color and the shape should now be closer to natural. If the brows are thick, they should be thinned out so that the skin behind the hairs is visible and so that the brows can “breathe.” Even Cara Delevingne, known for her bushy brows, has started to follow this trend.

3. Frosty shimmer in the inner corners of the eyes

It’s still OK to be highlighting the inner corner of the eyes, but it’s now better to go for more natural-looking colors. A concealer one shade lighter than the skin or a highlighter that matches the shade of the skin is a good option for this. However, bright accents are welcome too.

4. Contrasting colors for eyes and lips

The accent on the eyes can be obtained with the help of the same shades of cosmetics for eyes and lips — monochrome makeup is trendy now. The only rule you should keep in mind is that you should apply one or several shades of one color on the eyes, lips, and cheeks.

5. Manicure with intricate designs

Voluminous decor, extreme length, and flashy designs on the nails have temporarily left the runway. Today, nail designers are going for the minimum details, like abstract applications, monochrome prints, and one-color palettes. Still, you can experiment with “metallic” shades and unusual colors.

6. Clearly outlined lip contour

This lip lining instantly gives the impression that you’ve been applying this makeup for hours. Today, clear lip lining has been replaced with the trend of a blurred contour of lipstick or lip gloss. It’s quite easy to create it — you just need to apply the product on the tips of your fingers and slightly beat it into your lips blurring it a bit. By the way, thick lipsticks are now losing their position in favor of translucent ones.

7. Shimmering eyeshadows

The abundance of cold shade shimmers on the eyes looks too defiant, even for evening makeup. In order to make your look fresh, it’s better to use eyeshadows with a slight shimmer in a warm palette. In order to create a bold look — use the “metallic” effect shimmers.

8. An abundance of highlighter

Highlighter has conquered the hearts of many fashionistas and has already become a basic makeup product. It makes the skin look healthier and more moisturized. However, some girls tend to overdo it when applying this product, eventually getting the effect of oily skin that looks as it were covered with grease. No one wants to keep you from making your skin glow, but there should be moderation in everything.

9. Contrasting smoky eyes

The dramatic smoke on the eyes with an obvious transition from a light shade to an almost black one is not the only way to apply a “smoky eye.” This make-up greatly distorts the shape of the eyes and most often looks unkempt. Instead, try matching shadows from the same color palette and mixing similar tones to get this effect. The main thing is to blur the border of the shades well.

10. Black wings

Of course, classic styles will never become outdated but this is no reason to say no to bolder variants. You can try using a colorful liner instead of a black one to make your look brighter. Or you can experiment with the shape, width, or length of the wings. Here are several examples for inspiration.

  • Unusual color
  • “Upside down” wings — for this, you’ll need to draw a wing on the lower lid
  • Floating” wings, which can be drawn a bit, or much, higher than the eyelash growth line.
  • Broken wings

11. Blush or bronzer higher or lower than the cheekbone

Applying makeup products higher or lower than the cheekbone makes the face “go down,” the cheeks start to look heavy, and it adds years to your face. Blush should be applied right on the apples of the cheeks. It is now trendy to apply blush in a thick layer from the center of the cheek to the temples, imitating “frosty” blush.

12. Nude lipstick

Not very long ago, fashionistas would prefer to accentuate their eyes by making them bright. At the same time, they tried to make their lips unnoticeable and would conceal them with makeup foundation or a skin-tone lipstick. This outdated trick would make the overall look lackluster and lifeless. Nude-style makeup on the lips is still trendy but now it’s better to opt for a lipstick that is several shades darker than the natural one or use a lip gloss with a pink or peach sub-shade.

13. Eyelashes

There is no place for voluminous, unnatural, and extended eyelashes in the world of natural beauty. The glance from under these lashes looks heavy and the overall image gives off a tired look. Moreover, extended eyelashes can sometimes cause eye irritation.

Now, eyelashes can be left without any mascara on them or, on the contrary, applied so that they turn out to look like they are stuck to each other and resemble spider legs. You can get the effect of sticky and spidery eyelashes by connecting the hairs wet from a mascara with tweezers or simply by applying the mascara toward the inner corner of the eye.

14. Eyebrow tattoos

Tattooed brows look too defined and bright. Since naturalness and a slight unkemptness are trendy now, there is no need to go for this procedure. The main disadvantage of tattooing is the gradual change of color. Over time, the pigment turns into red, blue, green, or pink and the brows start to look weird, to put it mildly.

Is there a cosmetic product that you can’t live without?


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#1 that’s what the makeup artist that did my wedding trial makeup said. Both mom and I started wearing the champagne color he recommended for the waterline. I haven’t worn a fuuuull face in almost a year though, but the tip was fantastic.


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