My Wife Wants My Mom to Like Her So Badly, It’s Getting Embarrassing

9 months ago

For many people, having a good relationship with their in-laws is essential, as they are a fundamental part of the life of the person they love. And although they try really hard to bond with them, sometimes it just can’t be done. This user’s story is the perfect example that maybe being away from your in-laws is not such a bad idea.

My mother is not rude or anything like that, she’s just not interested in having anything to do with my wife. I justify my mom because I know she’s tired. She’s had a hard life and doesn’t have much love left to give.

She is pure selflessness and doesn’t like having to worry about new people. She is a retired old woman who wants to sit quietly on the porch and not have to talk to anyone. I have explained this to my wife and even told her my mother’s story.

My wife came home from work and brought a potato salad. I didn’t let her take it to my mother’s house. Then she kept bothering my mom all night, insisting that they go shopping together. When my mom asked her to be quiet for a while, my wife kept talking.

When I approached them, my mother asked me to take my wife away from her. That made my wife upset, but I still took her away because I knew my mother had very little patience left.

I told her that my mother will never love her, and she had to stop behaving that way. Her actions only make my mom dislike her even more, so it’s better that she leave her alone. My wife told me I’m an idiot, and she hasn’t spoken to me since.

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Dude, it’s up to you to make sure your mother treats your wife with respect. Stop making excuses for your mother, she’s mean spirited & nasty.


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