15+ Times People Found Something That Made Them Go “WOW!”

2 years ago

Most of us would agree that the beauty of nature and the talents of people surround and warm us. Certain things are just timed perfectly and meant for us to experience them. These little things make our days a little brighter because we know they exist, and it only goes to show how vast the world is and that it is still just waiting to be explored.

At Bright Side, we compiled photos that will leave you speechless — we were astounded as well!

1. “The craziest looking clouds I’ve ever seen.”

2. “Left my Christmas lights up. Laziness paid off for once.”

3. The bottom of a lily pad looks like a huge maze.

4. I found this face in a stone.

5. “I made this monkey out of clay and it took me like 300 hours, so it’d be super cool if you zoomed in.”

6. “Wonder, me, Acrylic on canvas, 2022”

7. “I’ve been trying to get the hang of making jellyfish marbles, this is my third attempt.”

8. May the force be with you -Yoda (snow sculpture version)

9. “I 3D printed a very impractical keycap for my keyboard to not accidentally press down the RGB key”

10. “Noticed this after I parked.”

11. “I painted this landscape on a penny.”

12. Rainbow clouds on a snowy day

13. “Cleaned our dog’s paws after digging, and the dirty water left a dog paw bubble.”

14. “Glass with Opal and little black Onyx, that I made into a pendant with metal wires”

15. The aurora borealis with a bunch of snow golems just chillin’

16. “I just did this portrait in a tiny sketchbook”

17. Perfect little snowflakes on my sleeve

18. “My 14-year-old daughter took a selfie, and tried some photo-realism on her tablet she got for Xmas.”

Do you have a photo you want to share that will leave everyone speechless? Tell us in the comments.

Preview photo credit I_Can_Haz_Brainz / Reddit


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