17 Coincidences That Make Us Think We Are in the Matrix

2 years ago

According to scientists, people should expect the unexpected at any time or place. Sometimes, though, they can be so impressive that the best thing you can do is take a picture because, otherwise, people won’t believe you.

<strong>Bright Side collected photographs of incredible coincidences that will undoubtedly lift your spirits, as you don’t get to experience these things every day.

1. “My new housemate and I discovered that her coasters match my mugs (almost) perfectly.”

2. “This woman has a tattoo on her shoulder that is the same as the design on this guy’s shirt.”

3. “Same time, same clinic, same hair color, same shirt.”

4. “A rainbow perfectly coinciding with a dying tree.”

5. “Soothing camouflage”

6. “I dropped an egg on my shirt this morning.”

7. “Found my twin today.”

8. “My brother turned 22 on 02.02.2022.”

9. “Please don’t step on, my friend.”

10. “This well-camouflaged moth”

11. “This art completes me.”

12. “Human with a dog head”

13. “This coaster fits my face a little too perfectly.”

14. “At my university, this girl crossed her legs, and the dog’s face lined up perfectly on her socks.”

15. “Double vision or Doppelgänger?”

16. “Lost the dog.”

17. “Found this girl on Tinder whose dress matched the floor.”

What surprised you the most about these coincidences? Do you have a story with a weird twist of events that happened to you as well?

Preview photo credit Croutoninspace / Reddit


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