20 Oddities Found in Hotels That Surprised More Than a Few Guests

2 years ago

With more than 700,000 hotels accounted for globally, the hotel industry is estimated to be making a bit more than $950 billion. Underpinning this success is generating positive user experiences, but this is not always the case. While apps can now be used to view the services offered by hotels, many people can be surprised when they arrive at where they’re staying.

At Bright Side, we are interested in people’s experiences. That’s why we investigated different stories of users who had positive and negative surprises in hotels.

1. “The hotel I’m staying at has a tiny door that says, ’John Malkovich.’”

2. A jacuzzi that fills through the ceiling

3. “Had the most perfect croissant at a hotel in Paris.”

4. The shower heads in a “4-star hotel”

  • This is the flaw in hotel ratings — it’s based on amenities, room size, and the distance to tourist destinations and restaurants, not how clean it is; and when it isn’t clean, they just find out and clean a room for them. © dabbadoobiedoo / Reddit

5. “The hotel I’m staying at uses pool noodles as art decor in the bathroom.”

6. “I ordered 2 bananas at hotel room service!”

7. “The hotel I’m staying at has the fire evacuation plans at ground level so you can see them if smoke has filled the hallways.”

8. “This door in my hotel bathroom can close off either of 2 doorways.”

9. “A hotel I stayed in recently — it frequently felt like I was the only person in the entire building.”

10. “My hotel used to be a prison.”

11. “A sign on a hotel bathroom door in Iceland, explaining the odor in the water there, complete with a ’Sent from my iPad’ signature”

12. “Salt and pepper shakers in my hotel room”

13. “Got a nice surprise from the cleaners after staying at a hotel for the past 3 months because of work.”

14. “A hotel I stayed at was formerly a train station and had an actual train inside it, with rooms inside each car.”

15. “This hotel’s fancy style of stacking fruit in water”

16. “My hotel room comes with a complimentary Android phone with free data and calls.”

17. The bathroom in this hotel was built below ground level.

18. “My hotel room number is created by a shadow.”

19. “This hotel descends down the side of a cliff, so the elevator floors are in negatives.”

20. “My hotel phone in Iceland has a special button that will wake you up if there are northern lights in the sky.”

What do you look for when choosing a hotel? Have you ever been surprised during your stay? Tell us in the comments.

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defently the one with the wake up alarm for the northern lights would be the one that i would deffentually go to if able


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