20+ People Who Have Concrete Evidence That Absurdity Has No Limits

3 years ago

There is probably no person in the world who, at least once in their life, didn’t blurt out something silly, because they didn’t take a second to think before saying it or they just weren’t familiar with the subject. But sometimes, people who are discussing some obvious or well-known things end up telling others things that are outright nonsense, and they sincerely believe in what they are saying. These folks are not schoolchildren, but grown-up educated people. For example, the engineer that asked, “Who is Thomas Edison?” And the future lawyer who didn’t believe that dinosaurs used to live on the Earth.

Recently, Reddit users reminisced about the most absurd things they’ve ever heard. So we at Bright Side decided to gather some of them. We were especially amused by the “blue fire.”

  • I once remarked that it’s odd that we associate rabbits with eggs for Easter. I jokingly said we should make it “an Easter platypus” because unlike rabbits, they lay eggs. Then one girl said, “No, wait... But rabbits do lay eggs.”

    This turned into a 2-minute argument over whether rabbits lay eggs. In the end, the girl admitted that she was wrong. As far as I know, she is the only one who thought that rabbits lay eggs. © USPSA-Addict / reddit
  • I was walking in a very popular, touristy park in the city I live in. There is a totem pole at the edge of the park. While walking past it, I was asked by one of the tourists, “Where can I buy seeds to grow one of these trees?” — she pointed to the totem pole. I said, “It’s a totem pole. It’s carved from a tree. You can’t grow it yourself.” I could tell the woman was flabbergasted. © bubba_gump_26 / reddit

  • I’m a veterinarian. I once had an appointment with the owner of a pregnant 3-legged dog. He asked, “Will the puppies be born with 3 or 4 legs?” © kayaker58 / reddit

  • A few years ago, I got a job offer in Japan and decided to take it. Some friends from my office threw me a farewell party. The girlfriend of one of my co-workers told me that she had always wanted to go to Japan and that her number one thing to do there would be to take a camel ride.

    My co-worker and I just looked at her to see if she’d explain further — maybe there was a camel cafe she had heard about or something. But no, she just honestly thought camels were a common mode of transportation in Japan. © isntitprettytothnkso / reddit

  • A few years ago, before the eclipse that happened on the 21st August 2017, a coworker overheard us discussing it and said, “You don’t actually believe in that nonsense, do you?” I thought he misunderstood whatever we were talking about but he followed up with, “Don’t you know if the moon went into the sun, it would melt? That’s why the eclipse can’t be real.” © valhallaswyrdo / reddit

  • One person tried to convince me that snakes don’t have bones. I showed him some pictures of snake skeletons, and he said, “Yeah, they have ribs, but they’re not bones.” © cheeeeeeeeto / reddit

  • “The windshield wipers wear out faster in the middle because that’s the part you look through the most often. Your sight is an energy beam that degrades the rubber or something.” © Habaneroe12 / reddit

  • “Who is Thomas Edison?” This was a question from my 30-year-old American friend who is a professional engineer. No, she wasn’t joking. © WinstonChurchillin / reddit

  • I worked at a museum and we had a girl who was going around telling everyone that dinosaurs weren’t real because no animals can breathe fire. She was a law student. © Fronkey776 / reddit

  • Some girl once told me that it was impossible for me to be Vietnamese because Vietnam was a war and not a country. This happened when I was in college. © 000Rohit / reddit

  • I once overheard some lady saying that her daughter wasn’t allowed to watch YouTube because that’s how people can track you. She got this information from Facebook. © HawaiianFlower34 / Reddit

  • “The moon is much better than the sun because it’s up at night illuminating, while the sun is up during the day when it’s already bright.” © _jroc_ / Reddit

  • I had a summer job at a cafe when I was 17. I was putting out coffee cups with a coworker, and she asked, “Why don’t they make left-handed coffee cups?” I quietly turned one of the mugs 180 degrees without saying anything. The last thing I heard about her was that she became the assistant manager. © CaptainAwesome06 / Reddit

  • I studied at a prestigious New England private school on scholarship while most of my classmates were insanely wealthy. I was waiting for a class to start one day, and a guy sitting behind me was complaining to a friend that the milkman was late that morning so he didn’t get to eat breakfast. I, like any normal person, turned around and asked him what he meant by “milkman.” Apparently, the wealthy town he lived in was serviced by a local dairy, so they got fresh milk delivered every day. I must have been looking at him like he had 3 heads because he asked me in complete seriousness, “Well, where do you get your milk?” And I ended up looking like the weird one for getting my milk from the grocery store! © WoopsieDaisiee / Reddit

  • It was a weekend, at 10 a.m. My neighbor woke me up by banging on my door (she’s a 55-year-old woman). I got dressed and asked her what happened. She said that her cable TV wasn’t working and asked to check mine. I had a look and everything was alright. I told her, “Call the provider,
    they will help.” She answered, “I already did. They said that they had to cut it off because of the debt. I just thought that maybe it didn’t work at everyone else’s apartment too.” What? © Vihoohal / Pikabu

Have you ever heard similar phrases from people around you, after which you thought, “What a silly thing they just said...”?

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when a person panics, they can't think straight...and you laugh from a poor girl on the plane :(


a friend of mine thought that 2 lines on the pregnancy test mean she will have twins..even I understand things like this and she doesn't loool


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