11 Must-Read Stories for People Who Don’t Believe in Love

2 years ago

Skeptics say that “Love is a myth.” But all of their arguments are worth nothing compared to the love stories of real people that we’ve collected for you to read here.

Today, Bright Side will try to restore your faith in love with these 11 moving stories.

  • Since hearing my parents story, I think now I know that true love is real. Long ago, my mom was going to go to another city to study and was packing. My dad was so sad all he could do was follow her everywhere. Mom asked: “When I die, how will you live?” My dad said, “I won’t, I will lie beside you”.
  • For as long as I can remember, my grandmother always had salami in the fridge. When she and my grandfather celebrated their 40th anniversary, she finally told him that she hated salami and only bought it because he likes it. At that moment my grandfather confessed that he had hated it his entire life and only eaten it because he had been afraid of offending her.
  • I was exhausted. It was after midnight. I changed my clothes, washed my face, and went to bed right away. In the morning, my husband was laughing and telling me that he was hitting on me and in my sleep I told him, “Do you love me or are you just hitting on me?” He said, “I love you”. And then, my sleeping mind cooled him down: “To love someone is to let them sleep”.
  • I love different things that are made with patchwork, like quilts and hand-made toys. Recently, I noticed that my boyfriend’s fingers were covered with small cuts. When I asked him what caused them, he avoided answering me and said it was nothing. When I came home yesterday, I saw a huge heart, made of hundreds of pieces of different colored cloth. It wasn’t perfect but when I imagined how he spent hours making this thing for me, hand sewing (which he doesn’t even know how to do), I realized that this was the best present I’ve ever gotten in my life.
  • I live in a dorm. A while ago in the middle of winter, a heater in my room broke and it was freezing. I called my boyfriend and told him what happened. After talking to him, I wrapped myself in the warmest blanket I had and started studying. An hour later, he called me: “Come outside. I bought you a heater. Your place must be freezing right now.” This was when I realized that love was not about calling eachother “baby,” “honey,” or other stuff like that. True love is buying a heater for the person you love and not letting them freeze.
  • A few years ago, my husband and I went through a really rough time. We both lost our jobs and we only had enough money for the simplest and cheapest food. And, of course, the only pair of shoes I had were damaged. I cried and was ready to spend the entire winter in broken shoes. The next day, my husband came home with a pair of brand new leather shoes for me. A few weeks later, I realized that he had to sell the only thing he had left from his father — his watch. Now we are doing fine financially, and a short while ago, I managed to find his watch through a special website. Now I have it hidden in a drawer and plan to give it to him for his birthday.
  • My daughter decided to get a scale and went to the store after work one day. Her salesman wanted to prove that the scale she chose worked correctly, so he stepped on it. My daughter looked down at the result and said, “Man, you need to eat more”. So she gave him her lunch. Today, they are married. You don’t argue with a free lunch.
  • I told my husband that when I was a kid I dreamed of being a fairy and riding on a unicorn. Only when I was in middle school did I realize that this would never happen. As I’ve grown up my dreams have changed, but sometimes I still want to be a fairy tale character. When I came home from work yesterday, I saw a unicorn-shaped rocker in the middle of the room, and my husband appeared from another room holding fairy’s wings. He put me on the unicorn and said that dreams should come true and was sprinkling me with glitter while I was rocking on the unicorn. I love him.
  • It was early morning and I was running while listening to loud music on my headphones. Some other runners were smiling at me and when I started to slow down from a run to a fast walk, they stopped completely to do some stretching. Only then did I see a sweaty, panting body fall at my feet. As it turned out, a guy had been running after me for a few miles, just to talk to me! We exchanged numbers and he went back home to change his (super sweaty) suit. It turns out he was late for work, but his boss forgave him and even reassured him. He now tells everyone that he chased and found his happiness himself. We’ve now been married for 7 years.
  • I was on a train, and there was a couple right next to me — an old man and an old woman. For the entire time (which was almost three hours) the man was drawing the lady’s portrait in his notebook. The woman became embarrassed that people were looking at them, he said “Don’t be shy, my dear. They are enjoying your beauty. Like I have for the past 40 years.”
  • 5 years ago I broke up with a person I loved because of the pressure put on us by our parents. After that, I got a tattoo on my ring finger symbolizing that I would never get married and we never looked for each other. A while ago, I started working for a small company where he ended up being the department manager. We communicated but pretended that we didn’t care about each other. Yesterday, he called me into his office and told me that tattoos were prohibited in his department and that I had to hide it. He suggested that I cover it with a ring. An engagement ring.

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